Healthy drinks

September 27, 2005

Healthy drinks

Low fat chocolate milk
Looking for a mid morning or afternoon snack to substitute for your secret stash of chocolate bars and potato chips? Don?t want to increase your time on the treadmill? Then look no further. Rush flavoured milk has delivered a brand new formula which is 99% fat free and has 30% less sugar than regular flavoured milks. You can now enjoy the great taste of Rush, without the guilt.
Rush is available in four delicious flavours ? Ultimate Chocolate, Heavenly Vanilla Malt, Wicked Latte and Intense Coffee. All flavours are gluten free (with the exception of Vanilla Malt), and with no added sugar in the new formula, Rush is perfect for those watching their sugar intake.

Low calorie wine
You wouldn?t believe it, but now there is a new premium wine being made that is naturally lower in calories. Yes, all your dreams have come true. The wines have been developed with women in mind, as research concluded that 90% of female wine consumers viewed a lower calorie wine as desirable as long as taste wasn?t sacrificed. Enter: Early Harvest Chardonnay 2005 and Early Harvest Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2005 both offer the delicious palate associated with these wine varieties; however have less calories than other leading brands. Both varieties featured fruit that were among the first picked of the 2005 season, this being a key component in keeping calories down. The best thing is: they taste just like ordinary wine. Bravo!
RRP $15 – $17

Anti-oxidant enriched tea
We all know the benefits of tea, and now Dilmah have introduced an even more healthy variety. Dilmah Asian Spiced teas bring to consumers famous mystical, Asian spices in pure, natural flavours. The combination of a high grown Ceylon Tea and natural spice flavours yields an aromatic and calming tea. This line offers a youthful and contemporary collection of teas perfect for tea drinkers with a desire for authenticity, nature and quality. This selection infuses new life into the tea category, developing the attributes of healthfulness, holistic health, and traditional ethnic values. Presented in 25 tea cup bags protected by a foil pouch. Available in leading Supermarkets

Light juice
Ocean Spray?, the world?s leading producer of cranberry products, has developed two new ?Light? flavours to respond to growing consumer interest in low calorie food and drink products. Raspberry Cranberry Light has the crisp, dry refreshing taste of cranberries combined with the sweetness of raspberries, but with no added sugar.
White Cranberry Light had been developed for those who want the same mild and smooth taste of White Cranberry fruit drink, with no added sugar.
Both new juice drinks are sweetened with Sucralose, giving them only 10 calories per 100ml serve. White Cranberry Light, like Cranberry Light?, helps maintain urinary tract health and is high in Vitamin C and other antioxidants. cean Spray? Light juice drinks have a recommended retail price of $5.25 and are available in 1.5L PET bottles from Coles, Woolworths and leading independent supermarkets.

Low calorie syrup & juice
For those of us who loved the taste of Ribena as a child, your favourite drink has now grown up! Ribena Light contains the same great taste and goodness of real blackcurrants with only 19 calories per 240ml serve. Although it?s light on calories, Ribena Light is heavy on Vitamin C, each serve containing all the Vitamin C an adult needs in a day, making it the perfect alternative for the ?health conscious? amongst us concerned about their calorie intake. Ribena Light is available through Woolworths, Coles and major Independent supermarkets nationally and can be purchased in 600ml and 1 litre syrup bottles, 2.4 litre RTD, 1 litre RTD and 6 x 250ml poppers.

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