Healthy habits

April 19, 2005

Healthy habits

Clarins Pregnancy Beauty Treatment
This is one way to really good way to improve a woman?s health! If you have a girlfriend that is pregnant and you want to do something fantastic for her before she has her baby, then arrange for her to have a Clarins Pregnancy treatment! She will adore the 90 minutes of pampering and may even name the baby after you! Appropriately named the ?Instant Stress Relief Treatment? recommended for women in their last trimester (6-9 months pregnant) this 90 minutes will have them floating on a warm cloud of relaxation by the end of it. The relaxation part of the treatment ensures that for the time you are there you are cocooned in divine Clarins products that not only smell and feel beautiful on you but also aim to help prevent stretch marks and improve your skin?s coping mechanisms with the additional stresses of being pregnant. All of the Clarins aromatherapy products that are used during the treatment are especially designed combination to assist during the pregnancy and are tailored for easing the body into relaxation when your body most needs it. Polished, scrubbed, massaged, and relaxed from head to toe is how you will float out of this experience! Can?t recommend it highly enough ? one of the best things on offer for pregnant chicks needing some pampering!
Instant Stress Relief Treatment ? Clarins – $145 for 90 minutes.

Reality Check
We all know the importance of using contraception, particularly condoms if we?re not with a regular partner. However in the heat of the moment this concern is often forgotten. The Family Planning Association recently discovered that up to 86% of new couples don?t consistently use condoms. Here?s a reality check about Australia?s sexual health.
– 80,000 abortions are performed in Australia each year
– 30,000 incidences of Chlamydia were reported in Australia in 2003. Chlamydia is a STD with no symptoms but is the fastest spreading heterosexual STD.
– One in five women diagnosed with Chlamydia are rendered infertile. If the disease is further left undiagnosed it can cause major health problems
– Approximately one in ten heterosexual adults contain the HSV-2 antibodies (the Genital Herpes Virus)
For more information about sexual health, check out www.duocondoms.com.au

Women?s Choice for Urinary Tract Health
Any woman who has had suffered through a Urinary Tract Infection will do almost anything to ensure they never get it again. Sexually active women are the most prone to the infection, which affects 250,000 Australians each year. They have to suffer through the constant urge to visit the toilet but then realising a burning pain while urinating as well as blood in the urine and only antibiotics can treat the pain. Fortunately, there are preventative measures. Cranberry has been long known as a beneficial agent in urinary tract health and is contained in many products on the market that treats this problem. One is Women?s Choice for Urinary Tract Health. It contains CranMax which the most potent form of natural cranberry extract available and is proven to reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections by 44%. There’s also Women’s Choice for Weight Management
RRP $34.95 www.womenschoice.com.au

Mytym Menstrual Cycle Natural Support
We all know what it?s like, back pain… bloating… cramps… crankiness… lack of energy. Most of us treat PMS and period pain at the point it happens with the help of our favourite pharmaceuticals. If you suffer from monthly symptoms there?s a new vitamin pack available specifically for maintaining a healthy cycle. Taken daily from the onset of cycle thru to the end of cycle MYTYM contains herbs, vitamins and minerals which have anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, prepare the body for smooth ovulation, help relieve PMS and promote cycle regularity for optimum menstrual health. As this is a daily vitamin you need to be disciplined to take it each day, but could certainly help if you?ve been looking for menstrual relief. Pack provides 2 months supply.
RRP $29.95 www.mytym.info

Oxygizer ? The Ultimate Skin Drink
With their oxygen bars, Americans have already been converted to the important of more oxygen in our diets. According to Oxygizer, due to smog levels, our inhalation of oxygen is decreasing at a rapid rate. Also due to open plan offices, more of us than ever are suffering from an oxygen deficiency. Symptoms of reduced oxygen includes headaches, decreased circulation and vitality. But the solution needn?t be space age LA-esqe oxygen bars. Oxygizer is a oxygen infused water that is very popular in restaurants in Europe. Each litre contains 150mg of oxygen compared to 5-8 mg in each litre of tap water meaning your skin will now be allowed to breathe. Literally.
RRP $3.75 for 500ml Stockists: 1300 699 426 www.oxygizer.com.au

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