Healthy Hair In 4 Easy Steps

July 4, 2012

So, you’ve had your hair cut and styled at your favourite salon, and along the way you’ve picked up some great shampoo and conditioner to maintain your look for longer; you know that having healthy great looking hair is about having the right product and following a healthy hair routine. Yet sometimes it can be very easy to forget the importance of using the proper hair tools.

A great comb is an investment tool and if you take care of it properly, you’ll probably need only two or three to last you a lifetime; one for everyday use, one to detangle hair, and another for styling and blow-drying. By combing your hair with a high quality wooden comb you can achieve healthy, shiny looking hair. Follow these 4 easy tips from haircare professionals, Brightwood.

1. Comb wet hair instead of brushing

Brushing hair is a common hair habit, yet few of us realise that brushing wet hair can cause irreversible damage. Wet hair is very fragile and when brushed can easily snap, leaving it vulnerable to split ends.

It’s always best to use a wide-toothed wooden comb to detangle and comb through wet hair. Be careful when combing out tangles to avoid snapping the hair, and always hold the hair at the roots and gently comb through to avoid over-stressing it.
Once hair is completely detangled you can begin to brush the whole length through.

As a general rule always comb hair before brushing.

2. Prevent flyaway hair by using a naturally antistatic wooden comb

Inexpensive plastic combs release static electricity that cause frizzy, dry and tangle prone hair. The rough, irregular teeth of a plastic comb can strip the protective layer of the hair cuticle leaving your hair weak, brittle and prone to split ends. A high quality wooden comb glides through the hair, is gentle on the hair strands and will keep your hair naturally frizz free.

3. For a healthy scalp, comb hair regularly with a high quality wooden comb

The firm yet smooth teeth of a wooden comb massage and stimulate blood flow to the scalp, helping to promote a healthy scalp, strengthen hair roots and encourage hair growth. Combing regularly, with the natural anti-bacterial properties of wooden comb, helps to eliminate dead skin and reduce bacteria causing dandruff.

4. One hundred strokes a day for shiny, glossy, healthy hair

Wooden combs are always best, because they evenly distribute your natural hair oils through the length of your hair, leaving your hair appearing shiny and lustrous. If you experience an oily scalp, a wooden comb can help by distributing sebum down the hair shaft to moisturize your hair and prevent your scalp from getting greasy.

What’s your favourite haircare product?

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