Are you in need of some quick and fresh lunch ideas for work? Vegan meals are often easy to prepare since many foods such as fruit, vegetables and soups are served cold or even raw. If you want an appetising vegan lunch meal, read-up on our recipes to constantly keep you inspired.

Chickpea quiche

This wonderful meal is packed with essential vitamins and minerals which will keep your tummy feeling full and satisfied throughout the day. Serve with a side of your favourite raw vegetables for flavour, texture and extra crunch!

Lunch Ideas For Vegans

Avocado toast

Who can pass-up a ripe avocado? Slice the avocado over some superpower chia bread for a boost of texture and taste, minus the extra calories. Sprinkle a touch of pepper and paprika over the top for flavour.

Lunch Ideas For Vegans

Vegetable and quinoa salad

Quinoa is a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner since it is healthy and won’t cause bloating (regardless of how sensitive your stomach might feel). Prepare with a side of black beans, tomatoes, rocket, carrot, olives and parsley for an action packed meal.

Lunch Ideas For Vegans

Chilli with homemade sour cream

This delicious recipe is perfect for vegans, coeliacs and even sugar-free individuals. What makes this chilli so satisfying is the subtle hint of jalapeño, texture of kidney beans and classic hot sauce.

Lunch Ideas For Vegans

Images via Oh She Glows, Including Cake, Evolution of A Foodie

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