Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

September 27, 2014

Want a creative way to get the kids to eat a healthy and substantial breakfast? Breakfast burritos are great for changing-up your usual breakfast routine. They’re also easy to make, full of nutritional goodness, and delicious. This vegetarian option includes super foods like beans and spinach, but if you’re really lusting for some meat, it also works well with bacon.

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Serves 4


4 eggs, scrambled (For larger servings, it is often best to calculate 1-2 eggs per burrito depending on the size of the tortilla and your appetite)

10 ounces baked beans

1 avocado

1 tomato, diced

1 packet baby spinach leaves

1 cup tasty cheese, grated

4 tortillas

(The portions on this recipe are just a suggestion. You are welcome to vary the amount of each ingredient, based on your preferences)


  1. Heat a greased skillet on medium heat.
  2. Crack eggs into bowl, whisk lightly with fork, pour into heated skillet and scramble.
  3. Prepare beans – if you are using normal baked beans, heat them according to given instructions. However, I strongly recommend trying these easy homemade baked beans.
  4. Heat tortilla either on a skillet or in the microwave (best to follow any directions provided on the packaging).
  5. Place a spoonful of eggs, beans, a few slices of avocado, and sprinkle the diced tomatoes, spinach leaves and grated cheese down the middle of the tortilla.
  6. Fold the edges of your tortilla inward to make a burrito.

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