Healthy Winter Eating Plan

June 26, 2012

Cold, dark days often us reaching for fatty comfort foods. So we’ve taken the hard work out of staying healthy, by sharing this brilliant healthy eating plan, complete with home-cooked, on the go and eating out options!


Home cooked options

1. Porridge: ½ cup rolled oats, 250ml low fat
milk, 20g sultanas, 2 tsp cinnamon and 1
tsp honey.

2. 1 slice soy and linseed toast with avocado
and sliced tomato and a strawberry smoothie
(125ml low fat milk, 100g low fat yoghurt,
150g strawberries).

3. 40g high fibre cereal, 250ml low fat milk and
150g fresh fruit sliced on top.

On the go options

1. 1 tub low fat yoghurt, 1 slice wholegrain
bread with 1 tsp margarine and 1 tsp peanut
butter and a small tub of peaches/pears in
natural juice.

2. Bircher muesli made with 2 cup untoasted
muesli, soaked in 4 cup orange juice then
mixed with 1 tub low fat yoghurt and
150g mixed frozen berries.

3. Ready-to-drink liquid breakfast (250ml),
1 apple and 1 slice wholegrain bread with 1
tsp margarine and 1 tsp honey.

Out and about options

1. Regular skim cappuccino, 1 slice fruit
bread topped with reduced fat ricotta and
sliced banana.

2. Omelette filled with vegetables and reduced fat
cheese with 1 slice wholegrain toast and 1 tsp
margarine. Half glass fresh orange juice.
3. 1 wholemeal bagel spread with 40g light
cream cheese and 2 small pieces of fruit
e.g. nectarine and kiwi fruit.


Home cooked options

1. Leftovers e.g. spaghetti bolognese: 100g lean beef mince with
spinach in tomato based sauce, 40g reduced fat cheese, 1 cup
cooked pasta and a side salad (e.g. lettuce, cucumber, tomato).
A piece of fresh fruit.

2. Sourdough bruschetta. 1 tub low fat yoghurt
with 150g fresh fruit salad.

3. Tuna, cheese and salad toasted sandwich: 2 slices rye bread,
small tin of tuna, 1 slice reduced fat cheese, rocket, tomato, carrot,
capsicum and 1 tsp margarine. A piece of fresh fruit.

On the go options
1. Beef pasta salad. 1 tub low fat yoghurt and a
piece of fresh fruit.

2 Salmon and brown rice salad: small can salmon, q cup cooked brown
rice, 40g reduced fat cheese, 2 cups mixed salad vegetables, 1 tsp oil
and 2 tsp sweet chilli sauce. A piece of fresh fruit.

3 Chicken, feta and salad sandwich: 2 slices rye bread, 100g chicken
breast (skinless), 40g reduced fat feta, rocket, tomato, and cucumber.
A piece of fresh fruit.

Out and about options
1. Sandwich bar – wholemeal wrap with 3 falafel (chickpea patties),
one slice reduced fat cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and
alfalfa sprouts. A small handful (30g) walnuts and almonds and a
small fruit salad (150g).

2. Asian noodle or soup bar – choose an option with protein such as
tofu, beef or prawns and ask for extra vegetables and a smaller serve
of noodles or rice. 1 tub low fat yoghurt and 20g dried apricots.

3. Salad bar – chicken breast (skinless), couscous and mixed salad
vegetables. Ask for extra chicken and salad vegetables to help meet
your daily serves. 1 tub of low fat yoghurt and a small fruit salad (150g).


home cooked options
1. 200g salmon fillet (steamed) with 3 cup cooked brown rice and
2 cups steamed vegetables e.g. broccoli, carrot, bok choy and 1
tsp oil.

2. Beef and vegetable stir-fry.

3. Lamb rump steaks with red lentil salad.

On the go options

1. Chicken and roast veggie salad: 200g chicken breast (skinless,
grilled), with 2 cups roasted vegetables (cherry tomatoes, pumpkin,
beetroot, capsicum), 2 cup cooked pasta and 1 tbsp mayonnaise.

2. Lamb and hummus wraps: 2 pieces flat bread, 200g lamb rump
steak (grilled), 2 tbsp hummus, baby spinach, tomato, grilled
zucchini slices, 1 tsp oil.

3. Tuna and soba noodle salad: 200g tuna steak (pan fry), 3 cup
noodles, 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce, 1 tsp oil and 2 cups mixed
vegetables e.g. snow peas, baby corn, capsicum, mushrooms,
cucumber, shallots, bean sprouts etc.

Out and about options

1. 200g beef sirloin steak (grilled) with 2 cups mixed steamed
vegetables, a medium baked potato with 1 tsp margarine.

2. Thai chicken stir-fry (chilli/garlic/basil sauce) with plenty of
vegetables (2 cups) and 3 cup steamed rice.

3. 200g fish fillet (grilled), with 2 cups mixed salad, oil and vinegar
dressing and a small wholemeal bread roll.

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