Have You Heard About Catstacam?

March 17, 2015
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Pet food company Whiskas has launched Catstacam, a unique cat camera that gives felines around the world unprecedented access to social media.

Here’s how the invention works: Whiskas have sent out these mini cameras to key celebrity pet owners such as news presenter Deborah Knight and The Daily Telegraph’s Elle Halliwell. Once attached to a cat collar, the camera will live post photos to the pet’s very own Instagram account every 20 seconds.

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What’s more, if you’re unsure why your cat is acting in a certain way, upload a picture of it to Instagram and hashtag #AskWhiskas for a cat expert – or should we say cat whisperer – to explain.

Executive creative director Paul Nagy says the campaign is “absolutely mesmerising” and gives insight into the secret life of cats.

“We all know the internet’s obsessed with cats,” Nagy told Mumbrella. “We wanted to take this a step further by not only giving cats their own Instagram accounts, but the ability to take and upload their own photos, in real time.”

Why? Because… cats.

Here’s what we think Catstacam will reveal about what our pets get up to when we’re not around:

1. They are secret geniuses

Cat, Kitten, Computer, Catstacam

2. They sit on furniture that’s off limits when you’re home

Cat, Instagram, Kitten, Whiskas

3. They show your other pets who’s boss

Cats, kitten, Instagram, Catstacam, Whiskas

4. They sleep in adorable positions

Cats, Kittens, Catstacam, Whiskas, Instagram

5. They’re also seeing the lady next door

Cats, Instagram, Kitten, Catstacam

6. They binge too

Cats, Instagram, Kittens, Catstacam

7. They invite all their friends over when you shut the door

Cats, Instagram, kittens, Catstacam

8. They adhere to the rule: if I fit, I sleep

Cats, Instagram, Kittens, Catstacam

9. That mess you came home to the other day? Yep, that was them

Cats, Instagram, Kittens, Catstacam

10. Like everyone on Instagram, they love a good selfie. #catlyf

Cats, Instagram, Kittens, Catstacam

Images via Zotheysay, Instagram.com/Marcelandpoppy, Buzzfeed, Care 2, Hermandotoday and Catmoji

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