Heath Ledger the next Spielberg?

September 7, 2004

Heath Ledger the next Spielberg?

Wouldn’t mind taking direction from this man…
Matt Damon has spoken out saying he thinks Aussie actor Heath Ledger is the future Steven Spielberg. He told the Herald Sun that the Ned Kelly star had the talent and creativity to become a great director. “He already understands filmmaking at a very young age and already asks all the right questions.” He went on to say that if Heath chose to direct a film, he?d definitely want to be involved. ?Mark that I said that in 2004.If he wanted to do a movie right now and there was a role for me, I’d jump at the chance.? Matt was in Sydney recently promoting his latest film The Bourne Supremacy. He recently filmed the Terry Gilliam directed film The Brothers Grimm where he saw Heath?s interest in directing. Apparently the Aussie spunk followed Gilliam around on set to check out his technique.

Ok, it’s from the movie but sparks were flying!
Bennifer Number 2!
Meanwhile, Matt Damon?s old friend Ben Affleck has reportedly been dating Jennifer Garner for the last few months. The pair met last year while working on Daredevil together. At the time, Ben was involved with another Jen (Lopez of course) and Jen Garner was dating Michael Vartan. They obviously hit it off then, however met up more recently at a charity fundraiser. According to a source, ?Ben pursued Jennifer – not the other way around – and things just quickly escalated from there.” It is believed this new Ben and Jen union is why he ended his relationship with Enza Sambataro at the end of July. And according to friend of the pair, they?ve been declaring their ?undying love? for each other ever since. Aw…

Lady Scarlett? Let’s not jump the gun…
Scarlett dating a Lord!
Scarlett Johansson is reportedly dating the son of Prince Michael of Kent. The 19-year-old star is in the UK filming Woody Allen?s new movie, and has reportedly visited Lord Frederick Windsor for dinner at Kensington Palace. According to the New York Daily News, Lord Windsor even ?cooked the dinner himself?. Scarlett has recently confessed that she would date an older man, however at only 25, Lord Windsor (or Freddie to his friends) is a bit younger than we imagined. Then again, if a former model who is 28th in line to the throne knocked on your door, would you say no?!

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