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Stiletto Heels That Won’t Put Your Back Out Now Exist

Stiletto Heels That Won’t Put Your Back Out Now Exist

If this isn’t the best fashion news ever, we don’t know what is.

Most women have a love-hate relationship with heels – we love the look but hate the pain that comes with wearing them.

Whether it’s blisters, back pain or sore feet, if you intend to walk more than 100 feet in your fab but uncomfortable heels, you’ll end up with at least one uncomfortable footwear symptom.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we aren’t willing to play through the pain, but just imagine a world in which your six-inch stilettos don’t make your body ache. Bliss, right? Podiatric surgeon Marion Parke thought so too, which is why she decided to design shoes that aren’t just beautiful, but also comfortable and won’t break your back – and no, we’re not talking high-heeled Birkenstocks and Crocs…Mitchell_Black_Profile

Made in the same Italian factory as Jimmy Choos and Miu Mius, Parke’s shoes look just as delicate, trendy and fashionable as their high-end designer sisters, all while putting equal emphasis on fashion and function.

Each pair is made with a contoured, medical-grade foam insole that molds to the foot and provides arch support, making the footwear much more comfortable and easier to walk in than other shoes.

Parke’s first collection includes gorgeous Mary Jane pumps, sexy metallic sandals and to-die-for silk-tassel peeptoes. Needless to say we want them all, but with prices ranging from $450 to $800, we may have to curb our enthusiasm a little – though the expense would be totally justified, considering the shoes are actually good for our health.Lily_Pewter_Profile

Just think about all the heels you’ve bought and only worn once because they turned out to be the equivalent of walking on burning glass while knives are inserted into your back. What a waste of money.

Parke recently said she wants her brand to be seen as “chic, intelligent and empowering”. We’d say that’s pretty on-point, but would add ‘life-saving’ to that description.

See the full collection and stockists on Marion Parke’s website.Lita_Navy_Profile

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Comment: Have you met a shoe that never does you wrong? What brand and style is it?


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