Heidi Klum’s Best Beauty Secret

March 21, 2013

Gorgeous Heidi Klum has perfect skin…so what’s her secret? It’s one we can all follow and really works for healthy, youthful skin…

“I tend to not wear make-up on my off days,” says the 39-year-old model and TV host.

“I am not complicated, I don’t have tons of creams or anything like that. I stay simple.”

Seems pretty obvious…but how many of us admit to being addicted to a little foundation here, a swipe of mascara there even on our off days?

She also admits to staying fit by keeping up with her kids, not fancy gym workouts.

“I could be more fit but I need the time, I am just like other moms, trying to find the time for myself and there is so little.

“So I incorporate exercise into my daily life. I take the two dogs and go on a hike or I jump on the trampoline with the kids. In the summer time, I go in the water with them! So instead of laying on a lawn chair watching them, I get up and do stuff with them. It’s about moving around and being active, whenever you can do it,” she says.

Again, her advice is pretty simple – but it makes a lot of sense.

“If you can’t run after your kids, that is not good. Also I am turning 40 and not 70, so you still have to run after your own kids. My mom is more fit then me and I guess I have her as my role model. We don’t sit around a lot, there is always something to do. Always!”

She also revealed that she stays in shape by avoiding diets and knowing when to say no.

“I have never really dieted. In terms of diets, I have never really followed one. My whole lifestyle as a model has changed when I came to America. You have to do things right, you drink a lot of water, exercise and eating healthy, not as many carbs and understand what food does to your body.

“You can have pasta sometimes, but not all the time. Moderation and juggling. Saying NO to a bunch of stuff people say YES to. It’s hard. I don’t drink a lot of alcohol, alcohol is bad! It has a lot of calories and is not good for the body. Sometimes I like a glass of wine or in the summer I will have a beer, but people drink a lot and they explode, its just not good for your body!”

Taking makeup off before bed? Not wearing makeup everyday like Heidi? What’s your number one beauty rule?

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