“Help I’m moving house!”

June 25, 2002

Back to reality. Your honeymoon tan is fading and you’ve suddenly realised that two is a crowd in that studio apartment you used to feel so cosy in. The wedding pressies are unwrapped and heart-felt thank you cards have been dispatched. The wedding is definitely over so now it’s time to give your marriage a domestic bliss makeover. Here is the SheSaid How-To guide!If you are about to move, it’s worth having a major clear-out before the removalists arrive. There is nothing worse than paying good money for someone to pack up rubbish you’ll probably end up chucking out!

The next thing to do is to contact a removalist company who will pack and unpack it at the other end – in other words do it all for you. Moving is not fun or glamorous. With a trusted friend as a contact to co-ordinate things, you can go on your honeymoon and return to your new home with everything and, we mean everything, in place!

If you are going to be a martyr and unpack yourself, remember to take a case of champagne with you. It solves the first-night-no-corkscrew problems and will help ease any furniture dilemmas with that new hubby of yours.

The first room to tackle in your new home is the bedroom. Need we say more? If you’re going to be surrounded by boxes and boxes you might as well try to have one oasis – the bedroom. Have a vase of sweet-smelling flowers by your bed or head straight to your nearest slick interior store like Orson & Blake (83-85 Queen St, Woollahra, Sydney, tel; 02 9326 1155) and purchase an expensive but divine Diptyque candle. Kate Moss, Sophie Dahl and Stella can’t live without them, and we at SheSaid think that you should start as you mean to go on in style!

Pack an overnight bag with the few things you will both need before you move. It will save you searching for your underwear for five hours.

Have your mail redirected.

Lastly, unpack quickly. That awful word “procrastination” will leave you with boxes lurking for months and months. This can be deeply depressing and could definitely become a pothole in your road to marital bliss. Urghhh we don’t want that do we?


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