Here Are The Best Concealers For Covering Up A Plethora Of Sins

July 26, 2016

These concealers laugh in the face of hangovers.

It’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin, but sometimes, a little help from our concealing friends doesn’t go astray. Like when you’ve pulled an all-nighter drinking with friends and have to show up to that 9am meeting fresh-faced; or when your hormones have gone bat shit cray on you right before a Tinder date, sending your skin into a disaster-level breakout.

But finding a concealer that can do all of the above without looking or feeling cakey is a chore akin to tracking down the last pair of clogs in your size at an ASOS sale.

Thankfully, you needn’t waste your time and money sorting through all the duds to find your concealer soulmate; I’ve spent the last few weeks personally trying the best concealers to bring you the following list of five-star-worthy buys. You’re welcome.

1. IT Cosmetics Eyelift In A Tube


What it’s best for: Erasing dark under-eye circles and highlighting high points on the face, like the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow.

Why it gets five stars: With a concealer on one end and an under-eye brightener on the other, this product not only covers blemishes and dark circles, but delivers an instant hit of brightening power, leaving your face looking perked up. This product is my new savior after a late night out.

2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer


What it’s best for: Medium coverage concealing.

Why it gets five stars: The formula of this concealer is about as spot-on as it gets. Not as opaque as other concealers on the market, it feels like a second skin on, and can be built up for greater coverage. Me + this concealer = inseperable.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat


What it’s best for: Light coverage concealing and highlighting high points of the face.

Why it gets five stars: With a light, brightening formula, this cult buy is perfect for covering up minor blemishes, but where it really shines is brightening dull skin. A few dabs of this stuff blended over the highpoints of my cheeks, cupid’s bow and nose and I look instantly fresher.

4. Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer


What it’s best for: Precision concealing.

Why it gets five stars: For those days when you don’t want to pile on a stack on makeup but you have an angry zit rearing its head, this concealing crayon is the bomb. It’s also perfect for adding dimension to your arches (just trace it under your brows after you’ve finished grooming them for a cleaner, more lifted look) and is on the cheaper end of the scale, so is perfect if you’re on a budget.

5. MAC Mineralize Concealer


What it’s best for: Medium coverage concealing.

Why it gets five stars: Enriched with minerals and nourishing botanicals, this product not only goes on and blends like a dream, but won’t clog the skin. The formula is also buildable, so you can go from a light to more opaque finish.

6. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit


What it’s best for: Covering up under-eye bags.

Why it gets five stars: The creamy concealer in this duo puts down some heavy duty coverage that can tackle just about anything, while the super fine banana hued setting powder sets the concealer in place all day long without falling into creases, adding a subtle brightening effect.

Comment: Have you tried any of these products? What was your verdict?


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