Here’s A Video Of A Male Model Seeing How Many Times He Can Take His Shirt Off

November 8, 2016

Because sometimes we just need to feel good and not think.

Life’s hard, and stressful.

Our days are filled with so much madness, sometimes we really need a break from it all, to turn our brains off and just feel good about ourselves.

And sometimes, as Channing Tatum recently intelligently argued, that calls for a little male objectification.

So if you need a one minute break to treat yo’self, hit play on the video below, which really contains absolutely no logic, but is simply a devastatingly chiselled male model taking his shirt on and off. And it’s absolutely entrancing.

Feel free to hit replay as many times as it takes you need to. We’re up to 397…

And if you’re feeling particularly generous, go forth and spread the happiness with your friends, because, who doesn’t need a set of perfect washboard abs to look at on a Tuesday afternoon?

Image and video via youtube.com, gif via giphy.com.



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