Here’s Everything That’s Wrong With Trump’s Muslim Ban

Natalie Slaughter

We aren’t a democracy anymore.

Banning an entire group of people from entering the country sounds like the worst part of just about every history book, but just like every other horrific day in our new fascist regime, it’s something that’s officially happening in America now thanks to President Trump.

On January 28, the now infamous Muslim Ban was announced. The executive order essentially blocks citizens of seven Muslim majority countries from entering the US over the next three months and suspends entry of refugees for four months. For the record, the actual list of countries is Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen. None of the Muslim majority countries in which Trump has business ties were included in this ban, by what I’m sure is pure coincidence.

This act directly undermines so many things it’s difficult to wrap your head around where, exactly, the atrocities begin. There’s the very human face of this: the civilians of these countries who will be directly affected by the immigration ban. Syrians are currently suffering through the worst current humanitarian crisis on the globe, and this is America officially turning its back on them.


We’re abandoning decades of American diplomacy based on attempts to mend rifts between us and the Muslim community. We’re casting not just Muslims, but members of these countries as terrorists until proven otherwise. It’s anti-American. And it’s anti-Christian, for those who like to praise Trump and conservatism on religious grounds. It’s putting us firmly on the wrong side of history.

We are the Nazis. We are actively arresting Jewish citizens for resisting assault by Nazis. Our children will be the ones interviewed in documentaries about the shame they have to carry because of the actions of our parents.

This is the time for conservatives in our country, whether they’re civilians or politicians or news groups, to grow some courage and speak out. This is not the time to toe the party line. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’ll have to explain to your grandchildren you were just “following orders”. If you stand for decency or humanity or religion or morality, you have no choice but to speak out against this blanket call to racism, against this facist regime led by an egotistical dictator. If you meant any word about wanting to make America great again, if you think we need to get back to the root of what makes us a great people, you have no choice but to denounce Trump’s Muslim Ban.

Our country was quite literally built by and on the backs of immigrants. We’re a people who pride ourselves on being a cultural melting pot, who talk proudly about the fact that we have no national language. And rightly so – being diverse is something we should be proud of. Trump’s order isn’t. Trump’s regime is everything that’s wrong with our country. It’s everything that needs to be purged from our cultural map. If any part of our history books is worth bleaching, it’s the part currently tainted by Trump’s comb-over of actual American values.

Maybe something more horrifying is true, though. Maybe you’re quiet now because these are actual American values. Maybe you don’t care about anyone who isn’t you – white, Christian, male, able to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. That’s a terrifying thought, isn’t it? Because if that’s true, what’s going to happen to you when someone who isn’t like you is in charge? If that’s the precedent we’re determined to set, we might as well give up on America now. We aren’t a democracy anymore, so we might as well burn it the rest of the way to the ground as an apology to the world.

If you’re quiet now, history will paint you as the villains you are. And you’ll deserve it.

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