Here’s How To Make Bubblepop Electric Cupcakes

January 30, 2017

These cupcakes are seriously BRIGHT – and seriously fun. 

If you’ve got the urge to bake something – and you’re feeling a bit ambitious – take a crack at these cupcakes, created by Nick, the brilliant pastry chef/graphic designer behind YouTube channel The Scran Line.

They’re not only bright and cheerful, they’re decorated with an actual bubble on top, crafted out of gelatin, food coloring, and a balloon. (Warning: just like gummy bears, you might not want to know how gelatin is made; it’s definitely not vegan-friendly.) ‘

One more caveat: you’ll need to make the bubble the day before, so plan ahead if you’re planning to serve these at your next impromptu party. (And here’s why you should throw that party, by the way.)

Happy baking!

 Video and image via The Scran Line / YouTube.

 Comment: What are your favorite cupcakes to make at home?

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