Here’s How To Make No-Bake Oreo Cream Pie

February 7, 2017

If this doesn’t get you salivating, nothing will.

You’ll be hard pressed finding anyone whose face doesn’t immediately light up on sighting an open pack of Oreos.

There’s something so deliciously nostalgic about the chocolate and cream cookie treats that immediately transports us all back to childhoods spent dunking to our heart’s delight.

It’s unsurprising then, that one of womankind’s greatest quests has been to find new and surprising ways to hide the iconic biscuit in unsuspecting recipes, because there’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into your fave dessert only to discover there’s even more goodness hiding inside. And this no-bake Oreo cream pie recipe thanks to our fave YouTube baking wizard, Cooking Panda, is no different.

Prepare your tastebuds for awesomeness…

Video via youtube.com.



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