Here’s How To Make Vegan (Yes, VEGAN) Meringues

January 24, 2017

No eggs required, and only two ingredients? Magic exists!

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to go without.

In fact, there are literally thousands of drool-worthily decadent vegan recipes on offer if you’re considering making the switch to a cruelty-free diet after learning some of the unsettling truths about where your food comes from.

But while vegan cheeses, mock meats and even Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice-cream now abound, there are some things that are still really, really hard to do vegan. Meringues being one of them.

The almost purely egg-based desserts have been a head-scratcher for vegan chefs desperate to recreate the treat minus the eggs…until now. This genius two-ingredient recipe thanks to the brilliant baking legends at Spoon is almost too easy, and you’ll be completely blown away by what the secret egg-replacing ingredient is…

What you need:

1/2 cup liquid from 1 can chickpeas
1/3 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract, if desired

How it’s done:

1. Pour chickpea liquid into large glass bowl. Whip the liquid up using a hand or electric beater until stiff peaks form; it may take up to 10 minutes, so be patient.

2. Add in the sugar and vanilla. Whisk a little more, until peaks are stiff again.

3. Use a piping bag to transfer mixture onto a baking sheet in small cookies and dry out in 230F/110C oven forBake for 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 hours, until meringues appear crisp, then allow to cool down in a warm oven for one more hour before decorating with desired garnishes like fresh fruit and whipped coconut cream and greedily devouring.

Video and recipe via youtube.com.

Comment: Do you have an amazing vegan recipe up your sleeve? Share it with us!


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