Here’s How To Make Your Own Lava Lamp Lip Gloss

January 26, 2017

Love lip gloss? Feeling crafty? We’ve got you.

Can a girl have too much lip gloss? Not possible.

In my bag alone, I keep at least three tubes at all times. Then there’s the pot of lip balm at my desk, the tub of Aquaphor in my bathroom, six or seven lippies in my makeup bag, and a few random tubes stashed around the house. Whatever the season, lip balm is an essential.

We’ve probably all mixed our favorite lipstick into a pot of lip balm to custom-make our own lip gloss – but if you’re ready to level up your DIY-beauty skills, this tutorial is for you.

Rachel from Rclbeauty101 shows you how to make a lava lamp lip gloss that actually lights up. Even better, you can make it whatever shade you like, since you can use any color of eyeshadow to mix it up – so let your imagination go wild.

Happy creating!

Image via YouTube.

Comment: What’s your fave DIY beauty trick?

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