Here’s How To Shop For A Bra Properly

March 22, 2017

You’ve been doing it all wrong.

Bra shopping has got to be up there with one of the most confusing, frustrating, depressing shopping experiences a woman can undergo (right next to wedding dress shopping with your MIL and trying to find a bikini in your size at an ASOS Summer sale). But it needn’t be so overwhelming.

If you’re like one of the estimated 80 per cent of women walking around in the wrong size bra, brushing up on your bra-fitting skills could make the difference between a stressful changing room ordeal and a surprisingly satisfying one. And your low-cut dresses and fitted tank tops will thank you. Here’s what you need to know to ensure you never walk out of the store in the wrong bra again…

Go to a specialist

Tempting as it may be to save a few dollars and get your lingerie from a department store, you’re way less likely to get the expert assistance you need to find the correct bra for your body type there. Lingerie boutiques however, usually have at least one or two staff whose entire jobs are to size and fit you for a bra. So invest a bit of extra cash buying a brand-name bra from a store where you can get fully fitted for it.

Stay updated

Newsflash: your bra size changes many times throughout your life. So if you’ve literally spent your entire adult life in the same size bra, you’ve almost certainly spent several months or years in the wrong one. As your weight fluctuates, so does your cup size, so visit your local lingerie store once every six months to get refitted.

Dress for the occasion

The best thing to wear when bra shopping? A tight, slightly transparent low-cut top that won’t hide any sins. That way, any subtle bulges or gaping will be clearly visible so you won’t make the mistake or purchasing the bra then sliding into your date night dress only to discover it was never the right fit after all.

Have a critical eye

If you’re bra-fitting yourself, you should be looking for details like gaping or spillage around the cups, whether or not the band or straps sit completely flush with your skin or dig in, and any general looseness or tightness. These are all subtle signs you’re not wearing the right bra.

Keep your eyes on the prize

It’s easy to get overly size focused when shopping, and that can often blind us from getting the right fit. Try to keep in mind that size really is just a number, and it’s more important you get the right fit, which often requires going up a size, than to be uncomfortable and grouchy all day, because bra rage is very real.

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Comment: Have you ever been properly fitted for a bra? Were you shocked by the size?


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