Here’s How To Make A Brightening Facial Scrub Out Of Baking Soda

August 21, 2017

It’s cheap, it’s easy, and all the ingredients are in your pantry.

As we become increasingly aware of the scary side effects of the chemicals lurking in our skincare and beauty products, the push to move to an all-natural beauty regime is picking up steam.

And the great news is, going natural means you can embrace DIY remedies. They’re cheap, easy, and – let’s face it – a ton of fun to concoct.

If you’re after an exfoliant that’ll brighten your complexion and slough away fine lines and acne scars, look no further than the baking soda you typically reach for when mixing up a killer cupcake recipe.

“Baking soda can be used as a fine-grained exfoliant, and may have antiseptic and brightening qualities,” says New York Dermatologist, Dr Doris Day.

It’s also less than a couple of bucks at your local supermarket, all-natural and non-irritating on sensitive skin. So give this baking soda-based facial scrub recipe a try and prepare to never look back…

What you need:

2 tablespoon baking soda

1 tablespoon coconut oil

7 drops of tea tree oil

5 drops of lemon oil

How to make it:

1. Place all the ingredients in a glass bowl and stir well to combine, using a wooden spoon.

2. Transfer to an airtight container to use and store.

How to use it:

1. Apply a teaspoon-sized amount of the scrub to a damp face and rub in gentle circular motions to lough away dead skin cells.

2. Rinse with warm water to reveal a fresher, brighter complexion.

3. Use once or twice a week to keep skin looking glowy AF.

Images via shutterstock and beautymnl.com.

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