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What 2018 Has In Store For You, Based On Your Zodiac

What 2018 Has In Store For You, Based On Your Zodiac

The universe has some pretty interesting things planned for you this year…

If you’re half as bummed about the events of last year as we are, chances are you’re hoping 2018 will be your year.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball to let you know if your hopes of achieving career success, making enough money to finally take that dream vacay to The Bahamas or having life-changing sex with a hot Channing Tatum lookalike will come true this year, but we do have the next best thing; your zodiac horoscope for 2018…


This year is all about balance for you. In matters of the heart, avoid the urge to hold on too tight to those you love, or risk pushing them away. Instead, balance your romantic life with the other equally important aspects; dedicating equal energy to career and budgeting. With Jupiter and Mars in your house of intimacy, your sex drive will be in high gear this year, so make 2018 the year you go out on a limb and try a new sex toy. On the life front, stress over things you can’t control will be your undoing this year if you let it, so learn to live in the moment, rather than constantly worrying about the future.


Your potential for personal growth this year is huge; but it will take measured risks and some serious stepping outside your comfort zone. To do so, make 2018 the year you practice saying ‘no’ to others more often and ‘yes’ to yourself. ‘Yes’ to self-care and ‘yes’ to prioritizing having your best career ever. On the relationship front, Jupiter is sitting in your area of partnerships, bringing luck and positive vibes to your meetings with others, so embrace getting to know new people and letting love lead you where it may. This is the year to do away with all those rigid rules you’ve been setting for yourself and give yourself over to the universe, as hippy-dippy as it sounds.


Last year saw you doing a lot of soul-searching and personal development, and this year is the year it all comes together. Stick to your goals, being careful of not falling into your usual habit of getting distracted from your true path by shiny, pretty things, and inner peace and happiness is yours for the taking in 2018. With serious Saturn and intense Pluto in your area of intimacy, the next 12 months will be a time to seriously evaluate how you approach issues like sharing, intimacy and power dynamics in your romantic relationship. Your sex life may hit a plateau this year, so take the time to work on ways to spice it up with your partner, or look into sex therapy.


For Cancerians, 2018 is all about nurturing relationships. It’s a time for romance and self-expression, so don’t be shy about communicating your deepest desires to your partner and indulging in a little X-rated fun. That said, you’ll also be met with significant relationship hurdles that could ultimately result in taking some time apart or see you shifting your focus toward your career for a while. This may mean you need to invest additional energy into rekindling the romance with your SO. Meanwhile, four eclipses in your money houses will make this your best year ever for growing your finances, and potentially investing.


With Neptune in your area of intimacy, 2018 will see your focus shift to intensifying your emotional bond in your romantic relationship. In fact, this year all of your relationships will be shifting, along with your priorities, as major personal transformation alters your connections with others and you find yourself reevaluating the ideal balance of ‘me’ versus ‘us’ time. Eclipses will bring about surprising and sudden events in your love life, too. This could mean the spontaneous breakdown of a relationship, or an impulsive act which strengthens it. Most importantly, this year will teach you the importance of slowing down and avoiding moving at your usual frenetic speed and missing all the joys that await you in 2018. So be patient, and take your time. Good things really do come to those who wait.


Your planet Mercury has three retrogrades this year, all of them in fire signs, so expect an intense year ahead. While your love life won’t necessarily be the main event this year, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to have some flirty fun, whether it’s rekindling the spark with your SO with some fun, cheap date night ideas or getting out there and meeting new people, you’re sure to have a good time. On the career front is where you’ll really bloom this year. With outspoken Jupiter in your communication sector until November, chances are you’ll be thrust into the spotlight and need to embrace your inner social butterfly, networking your way to the top. So banish your worry-prone antics and get inspired watching some motivational TED Talks to ensure 2018’s your best year yet.


2018 is your year. Your sex life and career are both about to reach new heights. On the romantic front, you’ll find yourself eager to explore your sensuality and really push the limits with your partner in the bedroom. As far as your career goes, there’s potential for a pay rise and a promotion if you work hard and assert your worth. Be careful though, as your work life takes off, your relationships could suffer, so ensure you make time for your SO when it counts. With Jupiter in your second house of self-worth, your confidence will soar for the next 12 months, making you irresistible to be around, socially and romantically.


With abundant Jupiter in Scorpio, this is your year to take risks, experiment and explore new passions. Prepare to fall in love with your own life as your finances stabilize and your career takes off. When it comes to relationships, you’re prone to being impulsive and this year that could result into meeting someone who’s the total opposite of your type but surprisingly attractive to you. As Saturn visits your social house, you can also expect to see strong new friendships forged and partnerships that pay off in both your personal life and your work life. There’s never been a better year to be a Scorpio.


This could be the year you discover ‘The One’, or rekindle an intense passion with your current squeeze. July’s solar eclipse in your area of intimacy will bring compel you to finally let your guard down, be vulnerable and experience true, deep love. Letting your guard down could very well extend into the bedroom department too, opening up new sexual doors you never knew existed and propelling your orgasm potential to the next level. In your career, with Jupiter in retrograde, you’ll find time to make carefully thought-out decisions to climb the ladder at work.


For Capricorns, 2018 is the year of living your authentic life. With your ruling planet, structured Saturn, in full force, you’ll be ready to dump the old baggage that’s been holding you back and come into your own; Capricorn 2.0 style. And with a new, improved you comes new, more enriching relationships. In your romantic life, that will take the form of embarking on an exciting new chapter with your partner. Think exploring hot new desires and committing to an adventure together. In your career, you’ll be more goal-focused than ever before, with a clear vision of exactly where it is you’re headed. Financially, four eclipses in your financial houses will see you get super money savvy and grow your wealth, incorporating budget hacks into your everyday life.


This year is set to be one of your luckiest career years in the past decade, largely thanks to the fact that Jupiter will be in your career house for most of the year. As a very independent, but people-loving sign, your romantic life will be dominated by your constant quest to achieve the right ratio of loved-up time versus time that’s just for you. What you want in your relationships will also change this year, causing some people to fall away from your life, whilst intensifying your bond with others. Learning to say ‘no’ more often, and not feel guilty for prioritizing your own self-care will also take precedence this year.


It’s been a brutal couple of years, but, thankfully, 2018 is the year everything’s actually going to come up roses for you, for once! Let’s face it, you’ve felt pretty demotivated lately, so the inspiration boost coming your way this year should be a welcome relief. In fact, you’ll feel totally reinvigorated. Relationships will stop being such hard work and some well-connected people could enter your life, giving your career just the reboot it needs. All this reinvigoration will make you feel pretty sexy, too, amping up things between the sheets for you and your partner. Yep, 2018 is going to be a good year for you indeed, dear Pisces.

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