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Here’s What To Do With All Of Those Different Makeup Brushes

Here’s What To Do With All Of Those Different Makeup Brushes

Stop guessing and start using your tools correctly.

Being a beauty editor, I have a gazillion makeup brushes in my bathroom, but to be perfectly honest, I probably only use three of them on a daily basis, mainly for my foundation, blush, and eyeshadow.

And while I think I’m using the right brushes for those three areas, I have no idea what the other dozen in the back of my drawer are supposed to be used for. They range from big and fluffy to small and stiff, and I’m sure they could do wonders for my makeup if only I kew how to use them right.

So I asked the pros of the beauty brush industry for help. Founders of Real Techniques Brushes, Sam and Nic Chapman gave me a better understanding of the often overwhelming world of makeup brushes. Turns out there are eight brushes every well-stocked beauty cabinet should include, and this is what they do…

1. Buffing foundation brush

If you’re a brush novice, this is the one to start with. Large in size with a rounded edge and fairly soft, this brush will apply any liquid foundation easily and buff the product into your skin.

“Use it in a circular motion to get a medium coverage and blend the product into your hairline and neck,” recommend the Real Techniques experts.

2. Square foundation brush

For a fuller foundation coverage, this square brush is your best friend as it applies foundation more generously and also gives you better control of the placement of the product. It’s ideal for buffing in concealer in the under eye area and in the crease of the nose as the straight edge gets right into those hard-to-reach spots.

3. Detailer brush

This tiny brush is more dense than its bigger sisters, making it perfect for sensitive areas that require a lot of precision, such as the inner corner of the eye, and to highlight the arch of the brow with some lighter shade concealer.

“The detailer brush is also ideal for applying concealer to cover redness blemishes,” advise Sam and Nic Chapman.

4. Contour brush

In order to contour your cheekbones and nose like a pro, blending is key, which is why you need a good contouring brush. Slightly smaller than your foundation brush and a bit more dense, this brush will ensure any cream or powder contouring product will be blended into your skin perfectly.

5. Blush brush

If you’ve ever applied too much blush on your cheeks, you were probably using a brush that was too dense.

“A good blush brush is big, super soft and fluffy and will thereby only leave a hint of product on your skin,” explain the makeup brush gurus.

6. Eyeshadow brush

A small, fluffy and slightly tapered brush will apply the base of any eyeshadow, whether it’s a powder or cream product. Just sweep it from the inner corner of your eye outwards to create an even base.

7. Crease brush

This eye makeup brush is smaller and more dense than the eyeshadow brush and will therefore give you the precision you need when applying a darker shade in the crease of your eye.

8. Fan brush

As its name suggests, the bristles of this brush are fanned out making it perfect for whisking away excess powder, or to add a thin layer of highlighting powder on areas such as the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. As it’s very light and delicate, it won’t smudge the rest of your makeup.

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