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Here’s Why Clear Makeup Sponges Are The New Beautyblenders

Here’s Why Clear Makeup Sponges Are The New Beautyblenders

This may just be the greatest makeup applicator you’ll ever use.

There’s no denying the fact the Beautyblender has completely changed the makeup game.

It has so many uses, it’s damn near magic. But it’s also annoying AF to clean and tends to absorb (and subsequently waste) a lot of foundation; and when you spend $90 a pop on your foundation, that can be pretty painful.

However a new breed of makeup sponges are set to change all that. Clear (yep, that’s right – clear) makeup sponges are completely non-porous (read: they won’t absorb all your exxy MAC Studio Fix) and see-through, so you can see exactly how much product you’re working with at all times.

They’re made out of silicone, and encapsulated in a flexible material called thermoplastic polyurethane, which is really resilient, so lasts a lot longer than your Beautyblender will. The completely smooth surface of the clear makeup sponge ensures you never use too much product, nor do you have to tediously wait for the water to run clear as you’re cleaning it.

Here’s one in action:

Another benefit of #silisponge is it works well with cushion foundation. No more wastage! #mollycosmetics

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The new makeup innovation, which already sold out on its first run, is called the SiliSponge. It first racked up serious makeup cred after it was discovered by Reddit users who shared their experiences with it online, and was created by indie beauty brand Molly Cosmetics.

Now to go and pre-order a lifetime supply of them…


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