HeSaid SheSaid: How to get a date… Aussie style

March 8, 2005

HeSaid SheSaid: How to get a date… Aussie style

Hello it?s Matt from toronto, Canada…and I need your help. There’s a beautiful girl I work near. We don’t work together but I see her twice a week for a few minutes. She has recently moved from Australia to Toronto, Canada. Everytime I see her I pay her a compliment on how healthy and nice she looks, and she keeps telling that’s it sounds really “cheesy”. I never ever used any lines on any women I like and never pay a women a compliment unless I really meant it. Here’s my question: in Australia, to give a woman a compliment that would let her know that your interested in her what would I say??

HeSaid: Matthew, Matthew, Matthew…..

You sound like a sensitive, compassionate and intelligent individual. Basically you have no chance. Paying an Aussie woman compliment is a fatal mistake – you may never recover. She will think that you are a wuss.

We don’t “date” in Australia. Mating is done over copious amounts of alcohol. We wake up the next morning with god-knows-who and then decide whether she’s a “keeper” or not.

Aussie men don’t spend time wondering what women want – we don’t care. When we are young we may care but Aussie women demand indifference – if we care we don’t get to breed.

Hope this helps.

SheSaid: Hello Matt from Toronto, Canada…
So you?ve fallen for a beautiful girl from down under. I think the first thing I can say is that some Aussie girls aren?t really used to receiving and accepting compliments from some Aussie men… unless you hear ?daaarling you look fabulous!? and it?s said by someone of a flamboyant nature, then we?re all about it! I once dated a lovely Canadian guy and he was always complimenting what I wore, how I looked, my personality, at first I thought ?mate you?re taking the piss? until I realized he was for real. In reality you also have to consider the fact that her comment to you may be a ?not interested? signal. If she was ?hot? for you she would accept the compliment and start the flirting process. My guess is that if you really want to impress this girl, don?t over compliment her [we?ve figured out it?s not working], go for the humour angle. Australians have a mad sense of humour. Any guy who makes me laugh out loud is a winner.

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