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HeSaid SheSaid: My boyfriend loves anal sex

HeSaid SheSaid: My boyfriend loves anal sex

HeSaid SheSaid: My boyfriend loves anal sex

Question:Why do men like to have anal sex?? What is it that gets them off on it. Personally I don’t think it is right but how can one distract them from it. It makes having sex, unwanted as you know the only thing they want is anal sex and in my experience, my partner get quite upset when I say “NO”. I am quite open minded and enjoy different sexual things, but I don’t feel I should be badgered into doing something that is painful and I don’t enjoy. Can you please explain!!!!!
Regards, fighting for my sexuality…

HeSaid: As primal as it may seem, domination is still a strong part of male sexuality. I think men fantasize about anal sex because it is seen as the ultmate way to assert domination over your partner. Some women enjoy it for the very same reason – not to mention the well documented forbidden erogenous zone theories.

If he is obsessed by the idea though I think there is an issue. If he is going to try and get you to do something you don’t want everytime you “make love” I have to wonder – just how short is he? No self respecting man wants to degrade his girlfriend to the extent that he cries when rejected for anal sex – unless (of course) he is gay. How is his relationship with his Mum? – enough said.

Anyway – the fact that men enjoy anal sex needs to be separated from the fact that your boy is desparate to ride the hershey highway even if you aren’t enjoying it. Maybe you need to find someone who is happy for you to enjoy the love making process too.

SheSaid: Last time I checked sex was supposed to be enjoyed by both parties, so if there is one aspect of sex you don?t enjoy why are you submitting to it? Because your boyfriend gets ?angry?? I?m kind of wishing your question was ?should I stay with my boyfriend? cause my answer would be a definitive no. Anyway that?s not what you?re here for.

Hmmm, anal sex, I remember the first time many years ago I heard a guy talk about anal sex, I started wondering if he was gay. Most hetro guys have had anal sex or want to, I figure that the pleasure comes from the ?tighter? experience and also there?s an element of it being more naughty or forbidden and there is a slight dominance feeling for the guy since it?s not something all women agree to experience. For a woman it?s not exactly the most comfortable feeling, possibly even painful so this lends to the dominance factor for men. My advice to you is if you don?t enjoy it, don?t do it. If your boyfriend gets angry cause you won?t participate ? find a partner who?s into mutual sexual satisfaction. I?m sure you?re current boyfriend wouldn?t continue doing something that he didn?t enjoy or get pleasure from.

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