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HeSaid SheSaid: My boyfriend won’t clean up.

HeSaid SheSaid: My boyfriend won’t clean up.

HeSaid SheSaid: My boyfriend won’t clean up.

Question: I have been with my partner for almost 3 years, I love him dearly but he doesn’t help around the house I have discussed this with him and we both try to come up with solutions that we both agree on but he never keeps his end of the deal. We both work full time and I am also studying at Tafe an I am finding it hard to do everything and now when I try to talk to him about it he say’s that he has worked hard all day and he doesn’ t want to come home and have to do more work but that is the last thing I want to do either. What can I do?

HeSaid: Dear Tired,
You can take his reluctance to help with the housework as an indication that he considers your work as a hobby that you are doing to keep yourself busy until you decide to make babies and stay at home cooking a cleaning for the rest of your life.
So he’s a Dinosaur. Don’t despair. You can use a combination of old fashioned values and modern legal principles to cure yourself of this problem.
It’s a tried and try formula…
Marry him. Spend as much of his money as you can setting up a nice home. Then divorce him after a couple of years taking the home and 80% of everything else he has. You will need a healthy percentage of his future income to help maintain the lifestyle as well. If this seems callous, you can always make sure that you get a beach house during the married years. That way he can have somewhere to stay when he goes through the “swimming in bourbon” and “they’re all blood-sucking parasites” phase.

SheSaid: Unfortunately you are one of hundreds of thousands of women who have this dilemma. Part of the problem I will put down to saying ?well that?s just part of the male species?, but I also have to say that your boyfriend, as wonderful as he may be, is also being lazy and disrespectful to you. Let?s face it, a lot of guys can?t stand the thought of cleaning the house, it?s just not their thing and they are quite happy to let the dirty boxers and socks find a life wherever they land, but most guys also have respect for their partners and will help with domestic chores. Believe me, the more this goes on, the more you are going to get irritated and start to dislike him. Remember you can?t change someone or most of their habits, so you either accept that he?s never going to clean the house and this will always be your job, or find someone who?s a bit more respectful of you.

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