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HeSaid SheSaid

Dear SheSaid HeSaid,

How would you feel or think if your partner of 11 months asked you for a threesome with another guy?

From Confused

HeSaid: The m?nage ? trois is something that is being brought to the table more often these days, and ultimately, it is the recipe that makes the right dessert. i.e. Two girls-One guy… Two guys-One girl… Three girls etc etc and the fun never stops. One crucial ingredient to this treat is trust. I assume at 11 months you have become quite close to your partner, possibly in love. So you must ask yourself, do you trust your partner, your relationship or yourself? As long as the motivations for spicing things up are coming from the right place, I say go for it, but just remember. 2 is company, 3’s a threesome and 4’s an orgy

SheSaid: I would challenge the reason behind your partners suggestion, is the fulfillment of this fantasy for you or them? Perhaps after 11 months together your partner is looking for ways to keep your love life on the boil, if you are not comfortable with the idea of a threesome perhaps you could suggest some other saucy alternatives. Always be aware that sometimes fantasy is better than reality so if you do decide to delve into the world of m?nage ? trois be prepared; choose a stranger as the third party so their is no emotional attachment, make sure the third party is less attractive than you (so your partner is less likely to want to pursue them after) and agree on a signal with your partner prior to the act in case either of you feel uncomfortable and want to stop. Whatever you and your partner decide remember that its honesty and communication that will keep your relationship healthy, but a little kinky from time to time never hurts ;-)

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