Why Hidden Rainbow Hair Is The Beauty Trend You Need Right Now

September 1, 2016

Why, hello there secret multi-hued hair…

Colored hair trends come and go so fast that for most of us, they’re just not worth the effort. And besides, how many of us can honestly pull off a full sapphire blue mop or show up to work with tie-dyed locks?

But if foregoing all the weird and wonderful colored hair crazes has left you with FOMO, fear not. The latest trend is perfect for both the colored hair virgin, as well as the person who can’t get away with waltzing into the office with a wild hairstyle, which, let’s face it, is most of us.

Say hello to hidden rainbow hair. The beauty of this stunning multi-hued hair look? You only need to flaunt it when you want to.

With color applied exclusively to the under-layers of hair, it’s best shown off with an up-do, but offers an equally fun peekaboo party trick when you’re wearing your hair out, as it can be easily revealed by sweeping a few strands to the side. Meanwhile, your conservative boss need never know you’re a party girl in hiding, and your likelihood or dealing with post-coloring regret is slim to nil!

And just in case you weren’t already sold, here’s a few pics that prove hidden rainbow hair is the greatest and most doable hair trend of the year…


Why, hello hidden awesomeness…


Aw, so sweet and subtle…


But wait, there’s more…


Sooo prettyyy…


Images via instagram.com and pinterest.com.

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