Where Sugar Is Hiding In So-Called Healthy Foods

February 24, 2015
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Our biggest enemies when it comes to losing weight? Fat and sugar. While it is relatively easy to control your fat intake, doing the same with sugar is a different story. You might be thinking that you don’t eat a lot of sugar because you stay away from sweets and sodas. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, but the sweet white weight-loss enemy, often hidden as a word ending in ‘-ose’ (lactose, glucose, etc) can be found in pretty much every food nowadays.

From sauces to fruits and everything with the label ‘low fat’, sugar is the food industry’s favourite ingredient to create flavour and make you come back for more.

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Remember, females should eat no more than 6tsp of sugar a day and men no more than 9tsp.

If you are serious about eating less sugar or even quitting sugar altogether, here is a list of hidden sugar foods:

Off-the-shelf smoothies: You know those healthy looking fruit smoothies that you can buy at any supermarket nowadays? Some of them contain up to 7tsp of sugar! Better make your own.

Fruit yoghurt: Ever wondered why yoghurt makes for such a great dessert? Because it is very, very sweet with most fruit yoghurts containing between 5 and 7tsp of sugar, especially low-fat versions, in which fat is substituted by sugar.

Breakfast cereal: There are the healthier all bran versions that aren’t that bad, but most breakfast cereal is loaded with sugar to make it tastier and give you that quick energy kick (that doesn’t last) in the morning. A 100g portion can have up to 8tsp of sugar!

Bread: Stay away from white bread as it contains up to 1tsp of sugar per slice! Instead, opt for wholemeal bread which will make you feel full for much longer.

Salad dressings: If you think you’re being healthy by eating salads for lunch, you’re only right if you choose the right dressing. Most popular bottled dressings contain sugar, and lots of it! A generous portion size can easily contain a whole tsp.

Bananas: It is still better to eat a banana than choose a chocolate bar but, unfortunately, bananas are the type of fruit that contain lots of carbs and up to 4tsp of sugar per fruit (depending on the size). Opt for berries instead.

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