Holiday Health Tips

December 23, 2011
It’s the season of excess but how many of us lament the expanding waistlines, hangover and heartburn as a result? The NPS has some easy-to-remember tips to help you make the most of the holidays while staying fit and healthy.

Reduce meal sizes

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you need to fill your plate like you’re in line at the buffet. Christmas food is already rich and can be a shock to your digestion.

Limit your alcohol intake

You’ll be grateful in the morning. Also plan how to get home from parties if you’ve had a drink.

Look out for the symptoms

Steer clear of foods or drink that make symptoms (such as heartburn) worse.

Eat well before bedtime or exercise

Make sure you’re not eating right before going to bed. The same goes for exercise. Doctors recommend you stop eating a few hours before either activity.

Medicine and alcohol don’t mix

If you take medicine, including pain relievers, remember that most don’t mix well with alcohol. Stick to mocktails and other alcohol-free drinks.

Is staying healthy during the holidays important to you? Or do you enjoy the excess and make up for it later?

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