Holidaying with Kids

September 27, 2005

Holidaying with Kids

Once you have children you quickly realise that tropical holidays with lazy days spent by a pool sipping colourful drinks in ridiculously large glasses are a thing of the past. With the 85 bags of luggage, travel pram, travel cot and assorted stuffed toys you tend to resemble the Grizwalds on a family vacation, which is exactly how we appeared when we recently tried to travel for the first time with a 2?-year-old and 4-month-old baby. At this point, you?re probably thinking I left my sanity at the hospital ward when I brought my second child home but the winter chill had set in and we wanted to warm our bones at sunny Palm Cove in far north Queensland. Less busy than Port Douglas and more down to earth than Noosa, it?s the perfect location for a winter escape.

We booked ourselves into the new Sea Temple Resort and Spa which co-incidentally had just won the National Travel Industry Awards as Australia’s “Best New Hotel”. It features 126 beautifully detailed studios, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, penthouses & villas. With all these various different size apartments, the Sea Temple allows you to stay in large fully contained apartments, complete with dishwasher, microwave, double fridge/freezer and cook top and oven for you to eat in as much as you like. Does it sound too much like hard work ? all that cooking when you are meant to be on holidays? Room Service! Can be a little slow but still worth it if you don?t want to go out and you can?t be bothered cooking.

One of the best things about the Sea Temple is that the apartment style accommodation still features hotel room services. A team of cleaners swarm around the hotel and come in and clean up the apartment, give you fresh towel and sheets too if you need them (fabulous if any of your little ones have a wet night), clean up the kitchen and even put on the dishwasher. While you were relaxing by the pool getting a tan with your family, it seems like mum came in and cleaned up for you.

What about kids? entertainment? The pool area is certainly worth raving about as it has a large kid?s pool with a waterfall and a maximum depth of 60cm, perfect for toddlers running around chasing balls, floating toys and each other. It also has a few large shady trees for bub to sit in his pram while mum and dad sat just nearby in the sun while watching the toddlers terrorise each other in the pool.

The Sea Temple Resort has been created with total indulgence in mind, so if all the screaming and yelling is getting a bit much for you, take a visit to the day spa for a slice of indulgent pampering. I managed to convince hubby to mind the kids for a few hours and enjoyed one of their famous Hot Stone Massages and a facial. It was possibly the best 2 hours of my week (don?t tell my husband that) as I didn?t have to do a thing except relax, enjoy the perfectly quiet surroundings, the heat from the river stones, the hot oil and the relaxing pressure of Ann-Maree?s (my beauty therapist and masseur) hands. At the Sea Temple it?s the little things that make a difference. The beauty therapist didn?t try to engage me in conversation or tell me her life history; the Hot Stone Massage was out of this world and the scalp massage I received while my mask was setting was the most relaxing I?ve ever experienced. Even the post massage care ? a mango sorbet and herbal tea ensured I floated back to my little family in a relaxed daze.

Fly into Cairns and the Sea Temple people arrange for you to be picked up and whisked up to Palm Cove, it is only about 20-30mins north of Cairns. Prepare to relax, unwind and be pampered in the sun! Infants 0-2yrs utilising a cot stay free. Children 3-12 years of age sharing the same room as their parents and using existing bedding may stay free of charge to a maximum of 2 children and additional kids if sharing with parents when room capacity allows will be charged the extra person room rate.

By Ruby Harris ? Freelance writer and holiday addict.

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