Holly Valance Dating A Billionaire “Genius”

August 27, 2010

Holly Valance Dating A Billionaire

We loved her on Neighbours, before she crossed over to pop starlett and perhaps a bit too risque for some with the hit Kiss, Kiss.

And 9 years later Holly Valance is happily living the London life with her billionaire boyfriend, Nick Candy.

“I’ve got such a disgusting, wide, smug grin on my face all the time that my friends just want to slap me,” she says. “I’ve never been so happy.”

But her boyfriend, a 37-year-old real estate mogul, is just as unfazed by being rich as she is.

“Is he actually a billionaire?” she jokes. “I was used to razzle dazzle and meeting lots of famous people, but I wasn’t used to super-yachts and private jets. It was, like, “Wow!” ”

Nick made his wealth with his brother after turning a $10,000 loan from their grandmother into a $17 billion global property business.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it, and I’m not sure Nick will either because he’s also from a very normal background.”

She says that when she found out how wealthy he was, she called her mother for help.

“I rang my mum and said: “I don’t think I can do this because it’s just too much.”

‘And she said: “You can’t hold that against the man. He’s a hard-working genius and he’s got as much right as anyone else to love and be loved. So you just stop looking at his bespoke chandelier and his gorgeous car and start focusing on him.”

Holly is still modelling and acting, appearing in a Miss Marple TV drama in the UK this week. She says she’s never been happier.

“Nick’s got to be the funniest person I’ve ever met in my life – he’s hysterical. We’re like two kids running around London all the time, giggling in the back of taxis. I do love being around him. We’re great mates.”

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