Hollywood Style – And How To Get It

June 17, 2013

Don’t we all love watching celebrities on the red carpet at gala events? With all that glamour and style on display, you can’t help but ooh and ah at the fabulous gowns, hairdos and makeup! While the faces and figures are constantly changing, Hollywood style is classic. Here are a few things we can learn from movie star glamour.

The gowns
There are several things that make a gown totally stunning, but the most important are that it must be flattering and it has to fit. The designer gowns celebs wear to awards shows are immaculately tailored to fit their shapes, and while the rest of us don’t have out own personal stylists, we can be sure that what we wear suits our figure and highlights our best points.

Costumers to the stars have always known how to make a woman’s body look totally perfect, even if wasn’t. Even the ravishing Rita Hayworth had her dresses designed especially to conceal a tummy bulge from having two children. Stars of today have their own secret of making those figure faults disappear—Spanx and other hard-working undergarments. How do you think those celebrity new moms manage to look so slim just weeks after giving birth?

The hairdos
Isn’t it infuriating how gorgeous stars like Charlize Theron or Anne Hathaway can look with practically no hair? Alas, most of us don’t have their bone structure, which is why we should try for the style that makes us look and feel beautiful.

For decades, the stars have used wigs and hairpieces, not to mention hair colour, to achieve their perfect look, so why shouldn’t we civilians do the same? There’s nothing wrong with relying on a little artifice, as long as the result looks completely natural—and expresses your personality. Where would stars like Beyonce or Britney Spears be without those luxurious extensions?

4 Secrets Of Hollywood Style - And How To Get It

The makeup
When you have to look your best for an important occasion, use a bit of your favorite star’s red carpet style, but do pick a celeb that shares your colouring. If you have blonde or red hair and pale skin, make Nicole Kidman or Naomi Watts your style beacon. Angelina Jolie is a great choice for brunettes.

Smokey eyes and bright red lips are classics that can be adapted to work for most women, especially on special occasions.special occasions. Don’t be afraid to go for the glam!

4 Secrets Of Hollywood Style - And How To Get It

The attitude

The most important thing we can learn from Hollywood style is that if you think you look hot, so will your audience. According to legendary Hollywood hairdresser and makeup artist George Masters, Marilyn Monroe was rather ordinary without makeup, but once she was all glammed up, the film goddess exuded a high-wattage sex appeal that made her irresistible.

Who is your favourite Hollywood style icon?

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