Holy Grail Makeup Tips For Freckles

February 4, 2015
Holy Grail Makeup Tips For Freckles

Whether you love or hate them, there is no denying that freckles are a real issue that men and women both deal with.

Just because they’re a little more prominent due to sun exposure, doesn’t mean you have to hide them! We show you some of the best tips on how to flaunt, enhance, and even conceal dark spots with a few makeup tricks.

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DON’T: Use a full coverage foundation

Even though freckles can appear more prominent during the warmer months of the year, don’t try and hide them by using a thick foundation. This will almost always draw attention to the layers of foundation of your face, and can cause discolouration. Use a lightweight formula such as a BB cream to enhance the natural tone of your skin, and keep your pores clean.

DO: Conceal dark spots

Rather than using a matte foundation all over your face, conceal any harsh lines with a light concealer stick. This gives you the best control to cover some freckles up, or let them shine through your makeup. A quick swipe of mascara on your lashes is the perfect makeup for the summer season.

DON’T: Forget to apply an SPF

To protect your skin from possible skin damage, always apply an SPF over your face and neck. If you find the formula of traditional SPF to be too sticky and thick, use a foundation or lighter correcting cream with it already in the formula. It should keep your skin feeling nourished and protected during a day out in the sun.

DO: Prime the skin

The secret to flawless skin isn’t by choosing an expensive foundation, it is by creating the perfect base for your makeup. Use a primer on clean, dry skin and work into troublesome areas such as the t-zone, cheeks, and under-eye area where most freckles actually come from.

DON’T: Try pink blush

Avoid a pink-based blush since it picks up the red undertones of freckles and can make them look quite harsh. Dusk your cheekbones lightly with a coral shade which brightens up the skin tone, and makes your entire face look warm.

DO: Use colour

Experiment with a bright eye colour to bring out the shade of your freckles. Cream eyeshadows are really easy to apply, and will stay on for hours before creasing on the skin. They also require no tools, and you can apply them with your fingers straight over a freshly primed eyelid. Coloured mascara is also a fantastic option for girls with blonde lashes, since it makes the eye look larger, and isn’t as harsh the traditional black formula.

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