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Home birth for Gwynnie

Home birth for Gwynnie

Home birth for Gwynnie

Mum-to-be Gwyneth Paltrow
Rumour has it, mum-to-be Gwyneth Paltrow has installed a birthing pool at her home in London. Reports out of the UK reveal that the Oscar-winning actress, is planning to have her baby at home rather than in a hospital and is determined that her new arrival will be a water-baby. In recent months, Gwyenth was spotted checking out the facilities at two hospital renowned for alternative approaches to deliver. St John Hospital and St Elizabeth Hospital are both favoured by other celebrity mums-to-be including Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet. But with the installation of her new water feature, we can assume that Gwynnie is opting for a birth in the comfort of her own home. No news as to what new husband Coldplay frontman Chris Martin thinks of all this…

Sarah Jessica Parker – the write stuff
Sarah Jessica Parker: Author
What’s next for stylish actor Sarah Jessica Parker after Sex And The City? Would you believe, writing? The 38-year-old has apparently got a novel waiting in the wings. “I’ve written about half of it already and I’m looking for a publisher who will take it. The basic story is about an over-the-hill TV actress who gets a shot at a comeback, but lies about everything from her age to her acting credentials. Then, one by one, they all come out.” And sexy Sarah has even bigger plans, she adds, “I would like to write full-time, but who knows what the future holds? It would be fun to turn this book into a movie, too.” Perhaps her onscreen career as journalist Carrie Bradshaw has given her the inspiration to pick up the pen?

Where for art thou Viggo
More Viggo for your viewing pleasure
If you drooled over Viggo Mortensen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy then his new movie Hildago will be a must see for you. At the LA premiere of the film, the super spunky star proved that he can indeed ride a horse, when he braved lashing rain to make a dramatic entrance on horseback at the launch. There were a crowd of fans (not surprisingly mostly women) who had gathered to catch a glimpse of their hero were stunned when he arrived atop his mighty steed. “He was nice enough to invite me tonight,” said Viggo of his equine co-star. “I’m his date for the evening.” If the story line, rather than ogling at Viggo interests you, we can tell you the film is about a cowboy (played by Viggo) who journeys to the Middle East to compete in a dangerous race. He is accompanied, of course, by his horse Hidalgo, who is the underdog in a race dominated by powerful Arabian horses. Incidentally, Viggo was so enamoured with TJ, the horse he rode during the film, that he bought it as soon as filming had finished and had it shipped home! Gorgeous, talented and a sensitive and sentimental lover of animals. Swoon!

Guess who?
* Which former supermodel’s marriage is on the rocks due to her husband’s “constant philandering”?
* Which young actor was reportedly ‘wasted’ in a bar before the Oscars ceremony last month?
* Which ageing rocker is in debt nearly $1,000,000 in outstanding mortgage repayments for his swish beachside pad in Malibu?


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