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Home Decorating Ideas: How To Create A Home Office Space

Home Decorating Ideas: How To Create A Home Office Space

Having a home office can be beneficial in more ways then one. It could be a great place for you to get your work done, or it could be somewhere you go to escape and unwind.

We’ve got 8 tips on how to set up your  home office space including ideas on space-saving, decoration and overall use of space in an effective and efficient way.



1. Create your own space

The tricky part of having a home office is finding the space for it. If you have a guest bedroom you may want to convert it into an office space and have a pull out couch that could easily make the room revert back to its original purpose when you have guests. Another way is to make your own space, even from the most unlikely areas! If you have a wide corridor or space underneath your stairs you can make use of the available space and create a little study nook.


2. Make your home office a clutter-free zone

Having a space that is neat and clutter-free is essential to get your head in the zone and get through your work. It’s easy to procrastinate and get distracted by what is around you and end up not getting as much work as you had planned.


3. Surround yourself with inspiring images

A great way to decorate your home office is to have a frame wall with pictures that inspire you or pictures that make you feel like it is still your home. It could be images of your family on holiday, artwork or photography, or a moodboard you’ve put together.


4. Make it homey

The whole point of having a home office is to be in the comfort of your own house. Just like the above example, family photographs can be a great way to bring the ‘home’ into the ‘office’. Another great way could be to bring in other decorative pieces that tie in with the theme of the rest of your house so that it’s continuous and provides that sense of familiarity and homeliness.

Be careful of making the office too cozy though, as that would distract you from work and take away from your concentration and focus.


5. Create an exciting space

Buy furniture you are passionate about, don’t just put in a desk you’ve had for years that you’ve been storing in the basement. Invest in some key pieces and create a working environment that you are truly excited to be in.


6. Add some colour

This is a great trick to make the space livelier, however it’s one to be careful with. Keep the room fairly neutral; don’t have a monochromatic bright wall, but maybe instead go for a subtle wallpaper to bring in a different conversation into the space.


7. Add some texture

If you don’t like to have colour in your working environment, you can try to add some texture with beautiful timber furniture, for example. There are some stunning spaces created with just adding timber elements in a black and white space, or even just a white space.


8. Think vertically

When you have a tight space and have a lot to store, think of creative space saving ways to store your things vertically. Think of the walls as an extra surface to take advantage of. Try hanging shelves where you can display frames as well as keep your books and files.

Remember this is about creating a space to fit a purpose so think about what you will need it for when it comes to designing it.

Do you work from home? Tell us about your home office in the comments!

Sevan Manjikian is a Melbourne-based fashion blogger, interior and jewellery designer and writes for the blog Seven Autumn Leaves.

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