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This Tool Can Tell You Who You’ve Indirectly Slept With

This Tool Can Tell You Who You’ve Indirectly Slept With

Prepare to want to take many, many showers…

We’re all familiar with the concept of six degrees of separation, which proposes we’re connected to absolutely everyone in the world by a maximum of six steps. And who hasn’t at some point friended a new colleague on Facebook only to discover they’re actually besties with your old college roommate?

Well take that idea, and make it creepier. Enter: Sex Degrees Of Separation, a new online tool that claims to reveal with disturbing accuracy the number of indirect sexual partners you’ve had based off all the people you’ve directly slept with.

In other words, while you haven’t technically slept with the sleazy guy at the 7/11 who mentally undresses you every time you grab a Big Gulp, if the girl you experimented with back in college did, then in a gross kind of way, you’ve been with him too.


Start to add up the number of sexual partners each of your past sexual partners has had, then add to that each of their partners partners and so on, and you’ve got some idea of the ick factor of how this online tool works.

But novelty aside, Sex Degrees Of Separation is actually a rather genius reminder of why we all need to take safe sex more seriously and not just shrug our shoulders the next time we’re canoodling with a guy and he readily admits he forgot a rubber but is still “keen as”.

Indeed, while you may feel perfectly comfortable getting down with your partner condom-free for a night, were you to consider all the people they’d slept with, and the people those people had slept with, you may not be so keen to throw caution to the wind.

So, if you’re feeling brave, go here to check it out. But be warned: you may not like your number. At all…


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