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March 1, 2010


March is your month. It’s time to get moving. Recent setbacks ensure you are prepared for new opportunities to take off, but try not to overshoot the runway in your haste to get these projects off the ground. If the past few months have taught you anything, it’s to walk before you run, and run before you fly.


You are in a serious frame of mind with some important financial and relationship decisions on your slate. The second week sees Venus opposing Saturn, which is deal maker, or deal breaker, depending on the inherent value you place on your available options. Your standards are high, but as always, completely realistic, so you are in no mood to compromise.


Mercury meets with Jupiter so you are running about and jumping up and down like the Duracell bunny. Even under normal circumstances you are a restless seeker of stimulation and endless activity. This month is so action packed you may not have any time for eating, or sleeping. Meanwhile, someone may throw you a curve ball, but chances are you will not even notice.


There is another blue moon late this month, which seems kind of crazy, given that they are meant to rare, right? This one highlights any disparity between your current circumstances and your dreams of the future. You might need to make a few changes to establish a home-work balance. But first, ask yourself; can I have it all? More to the point, do you even want it?


Life is like a trampoline; it bounces you around and catapults you into a summersault, spinning you around a full 180 degrees. Viewed from this completely new angle, everything might seem a tad surreal, even confusing, but once you get used to it, you will feel a new sense of freedom and exhilaration. Give yourself time to adjust.


An interesting proposal, phone call, or email gives you something to think about. Make an effort to attend all events and social gatherings. This is an opportunity not to be missed, the kind that only comes along once in a blue moon, speaking of which, there’s another one at the end of this month which is set to boost your finances.


The March 30 blue moon falls in your sign, so be prepared for a surprise, or three. From whichever angle you view things (and you are known to look at things from just about every possible position) a whole new vista of possibilities is yours for the asking. The only question is; which option is the best? Don’t sit on the fence too long.


You may be starting to question the level of passion you have for your current career path. Something needs to change, so you might need to consider your alternatives. Nothing is certain however, for momentum will likely swing back in your favour, whether or not you move on. The bottom line is how you feel in your heart of hearts.


This is a manic month which sees you hurtle along almost at the speed of light. Jupiter is moving super fast now, and that means you are too, not that we can see much of what you are actually doing. Like a duck, you are paddling frantically under the surface, getting everything in readiness. Switch off the light at the end of the day and rest. Your turn to shine is not far away.


You may have heard that Pluto is moving through your sign. If not, you have probably felt its presence over the past year, or more. Even if you haven’t felt the pressure that’s asking you to let go, you soon will, for it cannot be avoided. Don’t worry; in the long run this is a positive step. Resistance is useless and counter-productive.


For the past seven years Uranus, the planet of upheaval has been causing chaos in your financial area. Importantly, this has made you reassess your values and redefine your priorities. It’s not long now until a new seven year cycle starts and you’ll be surfing a new wave. Now is the time to wax your board and buy a new swimsuit.


March is the month when the Sun and Moon align in your sign. Birthdays are a time of celebration, but just like Christmas and New Year, it’s also when we realise that time is ticking, TICKING, TICKING. Yes it’s March, and that means time is marching on. What are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating. Jump in feet first.

Michele Finey is the author of “Secrets of the Zodiac: An In-Depth Guide To Your Talents, Challenges, Personality and Potential” which was recently published by Allen and Unwin. She can be contacted via her website at

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