Hot men around the world

February 8, 2005

Hot men around the world

As we mentioned, 65% of SheSaid readers who entered this survey believe Aussie men are the hottest. Why? As if you need to ask?! Well these are some of their reasons.

“I’m living in the country and believe me there’s nothing wrong with the Aussie cowboy. Jeans, cowboy hat, boots riding high, kicking up dust. Yeehaa!!!” Margaret

“I think Australia has the hottest men…afterall in our hot climate, we get a lot of sexy, men dripping with sweat just begging to be touched.” Katrina

The places for second, third and fourth were a little more tightly contested. Second were the Italian men with 10.5% of readers. Reasons include:

“I think that Italy has the hottest men because they have great skin, great bodies and look after their women well. They are also great lovers!” Tanya

“I would say italy. i have have heard they have a very good sized packages and some younger ones have the looks to go with.” Kylie

New Zealand came in third with 5.8% of votes, closely followed by the Americans on 5.6% and the French on 5.2%. Guess that whole trans-Tasman rivalry takes a backseat to some hot loving!

“Much as I would LOVE to say we do, New Zealand for sure! Rugged, sensitive and attentive. Gimme more!!” Tania

“America! You only have to look at US soapes and movies. Nuff said.” Sandra

“France have the hottest men,they have great accents,are true romantics and are real gentlemen.” Patricia

Further down the line are the Spaniards, with 4.2% of the vote, the English, on 3.4%, Africans on 2.7%, Scandinavians on 2.2% and Latino on 2.1%. Boys, boys, boys!

“Spain. Men are romantic, confident and passionate about and towards women and life and have a beautifully exotic Mediterranean look that makes my stomach flutter!” Paige

“Norway – because they really know how to take care of their women, and I love their green/blue eyes!” Priya

“Croatia of course, you only need to step onto one of the islands on the Mediterranean coast and every guy you look at is potential for a lifetime partner.” Zrinka

“I think Africa has the hottest men in the world they know exactly how to move on the dance floor and better in the bed!!!!” Sasha

“It must be England if Colin Firth and Jude Law are anything to go by! The accent does make me swoon too!” Hayley

“I think Scandanavia has the hottest men with their striking nordic looks; the blonde hair and blue eyes and the body of a skier mmmmmmmm.” Tabitha

Anyone for a holiday?!

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