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May 3, 2005

1. Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman Limited Edition
Elizabeth Arden have added three new ways to wear their gorgeous Provocative Woman scent: apply fragrance anywhere with the rollerball Touch-on Eau de Parfum, add a subtle dust of fragrance with the gorgeous brush or perhaps the smooth and silky nature of the fragrance gel will be more your style.
RRP Shimmering Body Powder Brush $59, Silky Touch Fragrance Gel $59, Touch-On Eau de Parfum GWP exclusive to Myer. Available for a limited time from Myer and David Jones only.
Elizabeth Arden have also released a twist on their original classic scent Red Door with Red Door Revealed.
RRP Eau de Parfum $62, Bath and Shower Gel $46

2. Natural Compatibles Lip Pencil
Natural Compatibles believe that colours don?t necessarily change throughout the seasons and by highlighting the eyes and lips, the need to cover and correct flaws is diminished as your main communicating features are highlighted. For a longer lasting look, apply a darker shade of Concept Shades Lip Pencil to the outline of the lips then fill in the lips with a lighter shade. Apply a lighter lipstick and have longlasting colour all day. Concept lip pencils are available in 5 shades.
RRP $13.95

3. OPI Canadian Collection
OPI have an amazing collection of lacquers and they?ve come out with some more gems. Their Canadian collection features all the hottest colours for autumn and winter. There are the soft pastel pinks and greens such as ?Mauving to Manitoba? (marvellous mauve), the rich colours of Mother Earth including Canadian Maple Leaf (ruby red), the elegance of metallics complemented with gemstone shades such as You Ottaware Purple (plum) and futuristic chic with dramatic contrasts of black, white and ice blue such as Van-Couvered in Snow (wintry white).
RRP $19.95 Stockists 1800 358 999

4. Model Co Skin Drink Airbrush Moisturiser
This is the first ever spray moisturiser and is aimed to reduce the time spent in the cold winter mornings moisturising your legs. It is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals aimed to penetrate the skin to protect against dryness. I didn?t find it was as effective as regular moisturising creams but the light spray felt refreshing against the skin and the scent is delicious.
RRP $28 Stockists (02) 8354 6700

5. Dr LeWinns Tone Up Body Moisturiser
This new product by Dr LeWinns is perfect for dry and tired skin. The extra creamy formula glides onto the skin like a dream, is thick enough to feel like it?s making a difference but doesn?t leave the skins feeling greasy. Not only does it contain moisturising properties to tone and revitalise the skin, but it also contains the anti-aging ingredients. The scent is rather overpowering however, so if you like fragrance free products, best to avoid this one!
RRP $39.95 Stockists 1800 033 122

6. Christina Fitzgerald New Shades
Christina Fitzgerald has been a manicurist for the past 20 years and she obviously knows what makes a fantastic nail polish. It doesn?t streak or run; it dries quickly and has a rich creamy texture, particularly when used with the top coat (Jen) and the base coat (Ruth). The new colours for winter are divine ? ?Hilda?, ?Liz? and ?Anne-Marie? are rich browns that range from light cappuccino colour to chocolate brown. Also check out her new fire engine red nail polish. Specially designed for the woman who is passionate, powerful and oh so glamorous. ?Judi? is the 23rd polish in the Christina Fitzgerald range.
RRP $22

7. Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel
I wouldn?t have believed this worked so well if I hadn?t tried it. Nad?s have a new look and new products, making hair removal quicker, easier and more effective than ever before. Their new approach is called the Nad?s Hair Removal Cycle and includes Remove, Soothe, Release, Exfoliate. The Nad?s Natural Hair Removal Gel really does pull out the hair quickly and quite painless. With the use of The Soothing Body Balm, the Ingrow Solution and the Xfol Follicle Release Scrub, the results are achieved quicker than at the salon, look just as good and are a lot cheaper.
RRP Natural Hair Removal Gel $19.95, Depileze Soothing Body Balm $12.95, Ingrow Solution $13.95, Xfol Follicle Release Scrub $12.95.

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