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Hot new label: Aussie Rocks

Hot new label: Aussie Rocks

“Aussie Rocks” is a revolutionary brand that allows Aussies to finally have a cool, loud and fun way to say how they feel about the amazing country they live in.

Sure, there is uggs, aussiebum and even between the flags gear, but where is that one iconic brand that Aussies want to throw on when they feel patriotic, expressive and lucky to live in such a beautiful, happy and easygoing place? Think of it this way, what the I Love NY brand did for the state of NY, Aussie Rocks will achieve over here.

Best friends Chaya Segelman and Sara Feldman adopted Australia as their home and on their numerous adventures around the globe, were constantly asked: you’re from Australia? Aussie Rocks!! They wanted to encapsulate all that they know and love about the country, so developed the Australian quintessential brand Aussie Rocks to distinguish Australian culture through fashion:

“Struggling to find cool gear to send to family and friends overseas and sensing that Australian’s are beginning to celebrate and embrace their patriotism, we developed the concept and gave life to a movement of expression for locals and tourists alike to have a fashionable, edgy and fun way to give a big shout out to the world how awesome it is down here!”

Launching with a line of Tee shirts, Singlets and Hoodies for men, women and kids, look out for new and exciting additions to the Aussie Rocks family! Aussie Rocks merchandise is now available at Chaos, 78 Hall St and 80 Gould St Bondi Beach and online at

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