Hot Spring Haircare Hints

October 12, 2004

Hot Spring Haircare Hints

Winter damage
Replenish and protect your hair before summer but using a Deep Moisture Treatment from Matthew James Haircare. If your hair has been damaged over winter from hairdryers, environmental factors or chemicals, this treatment is perfect. Apply it after shampooing then wash out thoroughly after 10-15 minutes. You?ll notice an immediate difference ? softer, more manageable hair.
RRP $19.95 or RRP $5.95 for a convenient 25g sachet.

Re-hyrdrate your hair
You need be hydrated all through summer, and so does your hair! Some tips to keeping your hydrated from Oscar Cullinan of Oscar Oscar Salons:
– Increase your water intake throughout the day
– When choosing hot drinks, choose herbal tea instead of caffeine based drinks
– Re-hydrate the air in your office by using a humidifier. Simply set a pot of water on your stove. The water will slowly vaporise which adds moisture to the air. Add a few drops of essential oil to enhance your mood!

Get some shine
If you thought Dermalogica did great skin care products but you didn?t realise they did hair care too then prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The Dermalogica Shine Therapy Shampoo & Silk Finish Conditioner turned dry, dull hair into shiny, gorgeous smelling locks just after one wash! The shampoo can be used daily without drying out your hair, the lemon and tea-tree extracts makes it a relaxing aromatherapy shampoo which match perfectly with the lemon, eucalyptus, and tea-tree extracts in the conditioner. The lavender, ylang-ylang and Rosemary help leave your hair detangled, conditioned and shiny all in one go!
Shampoo RRP $25 and Conditioner $28.50

Some tips to keeping the shine from Matthew James
– Don?t brush hair while wet, as it is weaker and more vulnerable to breakages. Always use a wide toothed comb.
– Give hair a break from blow-drying as it robs hair of vital moisture. Let it dry naturally as often as you can.
– Drench your hair before swimming in the sea or pool to help protect against damaging salt or chlorinated water penetration.
– Apply products to damp or towel-dried hair. If hair is dripping wet they will become diluted.

Enhance your colour
If you?ve spent a small fortune on having your hair dyed, there?s nothing worse than unsightly fading to create dull and lifeless hair. David Jones? solution is the Colour Enhancing Shampoos and Conditioners. The Cool Blondes and Silver Greys due is a delightful product, despite the surprising colour (purple!) The pump action containers made it easy to extract the product and it lathered up fantastically. It gave a lovely shine and softness to the hair and there was little scent to both products. Great size for travelling packs.
Also comes in ?Golden Blondes?, ?Redheads and Warm Brunettes? and ?Cool Brunettes?.
RRP $19.95 each.

Keeping it Natural
The Alchemy Lavender Shampoo not only smells divine but it is brilliant for dry and damaged hair. If you like your shampoos to leave your hair not only smelling great but looking good too then this is definitely worth trying. As the shampoo gently combines palm moisturizer and lavender flower extracts it gives dry hair the extra moisturizer it needs without leaving a heavy or greasy feeling. The ?truth in labelling? on the back of the bottle also gives you peace of mind as you know exactly what is in your shampoo and not only is it an Australian made and owned product, it is not tested on animals ? our favourite kind of product!
RRP $12.50

Perfect accompaniment
The Alchemy Macadamia and Wheat Conditioner goes perfectly with the Lavender Shampoo and it great for damaged hair and good for those pesky split ends. This conditioner contains a silkening canola detangler which means you don?t need to add even more product to your hair after the shower just to be able to get a comb through your hair. This conditioner also works brilliantly if you leave it on for 30 minutes for a deep cleanse that leaves your hair shiny and smelling divine. Again the natural products used in this conditioner are all listed on the back and of course no animals were used to test this product either!
RRP $12.50

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