Hot Winter Hair

May 18, 2010

Hot Winter Hair

Our fave celebrity hairdresser George Giavis dishes his top 10 tips for a sexy Winter mane…

1. What’s happening in hair colour?

Warm is the key word for colour this season. The ice cold blonde of last season is gone and we will see more golden tones. Colour will be natural and flawless, achieved through the use of fine highlights and lowlights. Expect red to be popular this winter, with beautiful warm autumn tones.

2. When the seasons change, is it necessary to change your hair products?

Scalps tend to be drier in winter, so you may need to use a good anti dandruff shampoo. Moisturising your hair in winter is also important. Condition with every wash and do a weekly treatment.

3. Are there any standout trends?

This winter hair is definitely long. The bob is still there but it’s a longer bob (think Victoria Beckham’s new style). If you have a special occasion, now is the time to style your hair – buns and chignons are big news or you could wear your long hair curly. Hair is not only longer it’s also bigger and we are seeing a lot of back combing. I love fringes and often tell my clients its better than botox and they are so hot right now!

4. What’s the number one threat hair in the cooler months?

In winter its probably home heating and air conditioning, which can dry out the hair cause dry scalps and brittle and frizzy hair. We are lucky in Australia that we have a relatively mild winter, but just as skin dries out, hair does too, so look for more moisturising products. I am loving some of the new oil based conditioning products on the market like Macadamia Oil.

5. Tell me about hair accessories for winter?

I am launching my hair accessory range for Spring Summer 2010/11 (pictured). This is when hair accessories made a real impact on the international runways for Fashion Weeks and I believe its time that Australian women had the opportunity for a high fashion range of accessories. I am so excited about my range and the way it is being recieved by opinion leaders in the fashion and styling industry.

6. What celebrity is getting it so right when it comes to hair?

Amanda Seyfried and Rachel Adams have been getting it right on the red carpet of late. Their looks are always on trend. I also loved the modern bee hive bun J Lo wore to the London premiere of “The Back Up Plan”. Drew Barrymore is pretty much on trend most of the time. Miranda Kerr waves the flag for Australia. Helen Mirren is a wonderful poster girl for the more mature woman. I loved Julianne Moore’s hair in “A Single Man”.

7. Any DIY tips for maintaining a glossy mane?

Weekly Treatments are essential. Don’t over wash you hair – it deprives it of natural oils.

8. Diet-wise is there anything that can help to keep your hair in check?

Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Many of my clients swear by silica supplements.

9. Brush or comb?

A comb when your hair is wet or it needs to be detangled. Brushing wet hair can cause damage. When hair is smooth, use a brush. It’s really good for the scalp. Use a paddle brush when you want to smooth, but don’t want to add volume. Use a round brush when you want to add volume.

10. What’s your number one tip for hot hair?

Hot hair is usually healthy hair. Regular treatments really do pay dividends. Work with your hairdresser on the look you want to achieve and how to evolve it for each season.

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