Hottest New Fitness Crazes

September 16, 2010

Hottest New Fitness Crazes

One of the biggest excuses that people use for not exercising is that it is boring. But it doesn’t have to be! Below are some of the latest fitness crazes that are fun, unique and keep you coming back for more.


Don’t pass this off as another home shopping dud – this Latin-inspired dance fitness program
is taking the world by storm. It incorporates basic steps and routines from a variety of international styles including the salsa and cha-cha, with funky, energetic music. No skill is require- it’s all about having a go. Classes are popping up all over the place but if you prefer home workouts there are instructional DVDs available at Invite your mates around for a Zumba party!

Bikram Yoga

Also known as ‘hot yoga’, this involves practising yoga in a heated room- usually at around 40°C. If you don’t mind the sweating, it has a number of added benefits – it clears toxins from the body, improving system functions, and can also aid in weight loss.

To find the closest studio to you, try searching at:


Take off that judgemental cap, because poledancing is one of the best workouts around. It focuses on building muscle strength in arms, legs, and abs as well as flexibility. It is hard work (prepare for a few bumps and bruises) but classes are structured according to ability, starting from beginners, and you can increase at your own pace. If you are dedicated the
benefits will show. And think about how much your partner will appreciate it when they come to watch your end-of-term performance!

Sydney (Miranda and City) and Perth: Bobbi’s Pole Studio http://

Victoria: Pole Divas

Queensland: Girlfriend Fun and Fitness

Adelaide: Lady Love Exotic Dance Academy

Tasmania: Pole Revolution

ACT: Fit Sistas

Boot Camp

Hard work, great results. Whether you have a specific goal or not, bootcamp is a fast and effective way of whipping that butt into shape! Typically, trainers will take you through several high-paced activities including boxing, running, climbing, dragging and weights. They target muscles that you didn’t even know you had, so there is absolutely no chance to get bored!

Wii Fit

It might feel like cheating – using a game console to work out – but Wii Fit is quite effective and definitely fun. It calculates your BMI and helps you set realistic goals, as well as customising a diverse program based on your strengths and interests. You can jog, box, hula hoop, skateboard, ski, walk a tightrope, and do yoga – all in the comfort of your lounge room.

Wii Fit Plus RRP $159.95.

How do you like to get fit?

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