How Angelina Jolie Stays Slim

July 12, 2010

How Angelina Stays Slim

Angelina Jolie says she’s always been naturally slim.

The stunning actress – who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt – insists she doesn’t really need to work out because she’s been blessed with fortunate genes.

She said: “I really don’t work out. I’ve always been kind of slight and I’ve always loved to run and jump around and be physical so action roles are not a huge challenge for me. I enjoy them.”

She says she did all her own stunts in her new film, Salt, released in Australia on 26 August.

Before starting filming, she says: “A special diet also helped me shape my body. I ate steamed sea bass or steamed beef and vegetables, and I had no sugar and only drank soy milk.

“I’m all for curves on a woman, and feeling sexy and I never felt healthier or stronger than during the filming of this movie.”

She also revealed her latest tattoo, on her inner thigh, is for partner Brad Pitt, but declined to say what it is.

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