How Food Can Make You Fit

April 19, 2013

Director of Nazafit and nutrition expert Michelle Nazaroff believes time spent exhausting yourself at the gym can be reduced when you get the food portion right. A healthy lifestyle should base around being 80 percent healthy eating and 20 percent exercise.

“You can do less exercise if you are getting your food right” says Michelle, and that means live unprocessed food. “With this new mindset we can stop being afraid of food and embrace it.”

The story begins from Michelle’s own journey from hospital bed to healthy world champion. Michelle was born with an abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve. It was after a lifesaving heart operation that Michelle’s determination set in to return her body to its peak condition. By using the health benefits of good food and nutrition, combined with a structured fitness regime Michelle went from being unable to open a bottle of water to winning the INBA Olympia World Natural Bodybuilding Title in only 18 months.

Michelle’s tips on getting fit by eating right:

1. Eat wholesome foods.

2. Determine if you have any nutritional deficiencies – resolve this through your diet.

3. Choose recipes that will make you fuller for longer and banish cravings.

4. Determine actual calories versus what you should be eating.

5. Find the perfect mix between healthy and tasty; what works for you!

6. Ask for help if you need to!

What’s your best healthy eating tip?

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