How Mariah Carey Lost 15 Kilos In 3 Months

November 10, 2011

Six months after giving birth to twins, Mariah Carey has shed 15 kilos and couldn’t be happier.

The 42-year-old singer says she was so embarrassed by how much weight she gained that she refused to let husband Nick Cannon see her naked while pregnant.

“I had a towel on in the tub!” said Carey, who gave birth to Moroccan and Monroe on April 30.

She even chose not to know how much weight she had gained at her check-ups.

“I didn’t want to know, because why would I want to feel that bad?” she explained. “I know it was a number that I never want to see again.”

So how did she lose all that weight? Exercise wasn’t an option thanks to the Cesarean, so as she says, “the diet is 90 percent of it.”

Starting in July, Carey focused on a 1,500 calorie-a-day meal plan created by Jenny Craig – now known simply as Jenny. Carey is the latest spokesperson for Jenny’s range of diet products. She says she’s a big fan of the snacks and 50 calorie soups.

Eating regularly also helped, otherwise “you slow down your metabolism,” she says.

Carey now exercises by jogging with her dogs and doing workouts in the ocean.

“I’m proud of how hard I worked to get my body back…I had to do this for me.”

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