How Much Is Your Handbag Worth?

July 6, 2011

How Much Is Your Handbag Worth?

Ladies, what is your handbag worth?

Did you know that one in five NSW women carrying more than $1000 worth of valuables in their
handbag? Or maybe you’re someone that carries everything around with you too?

A study by NRMA Insurance shows that MP3 players, cameras, sunglasses, mobile phones and handbags were some of the most popular items with thieves in the last financial year.

Many women carry so many valuables in their bag that the analogy of carrying our lives in a handbag is a real one. Not surprisingly, more than 95% of women carry a wallet, almost 90% carry a mobile phone and 60% carry sunglasses in their handbags most days. Personal documents (50%) make-up (46%) and fragrance (33%) were also carried most days.

Interestingly, the study found that a woman’s handbag essentials are worth, on average:

Wallet, $279.95

Mobile phone, $995.00

Handbag, $89.95

Sunglasses, $299.95

Fragrance, $99.95

With a total average value of $2,094.75!

Top tips to ensure your handbag valuables are looked after:

. Always keep your handbag and valuables in view

. Close your handbag to avoid falling prey to pick-pockets

. Add up the replacement value of your belongings. There are
websites and apps that can help, such as the Home Contents Calculator from nrma.com.au and the Valuables Vault iPhone app, available from the App Store

. Ensure you have adequate cover to replace your valuables should they be stolen or damaged

. Take photos of valuable items and keep proof of purchase receipts to make replacement easier.

NRMA Insurance recommends consumers add portable valuables cover to their home contents insurance for expensive items taken out of the home.

What’s your one handbag essential?

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