How old is your skincare?

February 8, 2010

Still using the masque your Mum gave you for Christmas two years ago? It’s time you chucked it out! Here’s why …

Two thirds of Australians own skincare products that are over a year old and 49% of them still use those products, according to a recent survey by Che® Skincare.

“Using skincare products past their expiry date can create a breeding ground for bacteria and in some cases cause serious skin and eye irritations,” says Che® Skincare founder Carolyn Ingram.

“Most skincare products have a shelf life of two years, however products are often opened and closed so frequently, exposed to heat or left open for lengthy periods that they aren’t much good for more than six months to a year.

“Alarmingly 13.2% of our survey respondents claimed to have skincare products more than two years old and 85% said they do not know when their skincare products expire.

“Everyone should follow a skincare regime even if it’s very basic; this way there is no need to worry about used-by dates, as the products will be finished well before they expire.

“Problems can also occur when people switch brands mid way through a regime but still keep their old products and re-use them down the track, or they mix brands or impulse buy so they end up with too many products to keep track of.

“With correct usage skincare products will have to be replaced within three to six months and most of our respondents are doing the right thing and changing their skincare products every six months (41.2%).”

Ms Ingram offers the following tips to avoid any problems with skincare products:

– Commit to a skincare regime and use your skincare products as instructed, this will result in you finishing the products well before they expire.

– Try not to mix and match different product ranges as this will reduce the optimum outcome and can increase the risk of adverse reactions.

– Do not use eye products if you have an eye irritation or infection and avoid sharing skincare products with family and friends.

– Ensure your products are closed tight and stored away from heat; if there are any changes in colour, smell or texture, dispose of the product immediately.

– Writing the date of purchase on the product will help you know when to discard it, however with the correct usage, following a regime, this shouldn’t even be necessary.

Che® Skincare products are free of artificial colours and fragrances, are Chirally Correct and available online at or in store at Clinic Aesthetic in the Mater Private Clinic, South Brisbane, Queensland.

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