How Susan Sarandon Stays Sexy At 65

March 22, 2012

She’s one of Hollywood’s sexiest women, so how does Susan Sarandon stay hot at 65? The feisty actress reveals the truth about ageing in La La Land – and why she’s not slowing down.

“It’s true there aren’t that many good parts,” the actress admits in an interview with PEOPLE. “It’s hard to be in this business and not be an alcoholic or a drug addict or bitter as an older woman.”

She’s still going strong at 65, with plenty of film and TV roles at her beck and call. But there was a point when she was told her sexy days were over – even before she turned 40. “I was told by (director) John Cassavetes when I did The Tempest never to be a mom because I would not be sensual anymore.” Her reaction is typical Sarandon. “I think I laughed.”

It went on to make her even stronger. “That’s one of the things you have to make your peace with – or get out of the business because everyone has those moments. I’m not the only one.”

The mother-of-three reveals that she relishes being one of Hollywood’s sexiest leading ladies. “I’m happy to be considered desirable.” she says. “I love it!”

So what’s her secret? Confidence. “I think there’s a lot of guys who like strong women.”

What do you think makes a person sexy?

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